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Data Visualization Tools for Statistical Analysis Results

Unified plotting tools for statistics commonly used, such as GLM, time series, PCA families, clustering and survival analysis. The package offers a single plotting interface for these analysis results and plots in a unified style using 'ggplot2'.

Functions in ggfortify

Name Description
autoplot.basis Autoplot spline basis instances
autoplot.breakpoints Autoplot strucchange::breakpoints
autoplot.list Autoplot list
autoplot.lm Autoplot stats::lm and stats::glm
autoplot.tsmodel Autoplot time series models (like AR, ARIMA)
autoplot.varprd Autoplot vars::varprd
confint.acf Calcurate confidence interval for stats::acf
autoplot.aareg Autoplot survival::aareg
autoplot.acf Autoplot stats::acf. Note to pass `plot = FALSE` to original function to suppress standard plot output
deprecate.warning Show deprecate warning
fortify.ets Convert forecast::bats and forecast::ets to data.frame
autoplot.cpt Autoplot changepoint::cpt Autoplot glmnet::cv.glmnet
autoplot.RasterCommon Autoplot raster::raster
autoplot.SpatialCommon Autoplot maps::map
autoplot.ggmultiplot Autoplot ggmultiplot instances. It returns the passed instance as it is.
autoplot.ggplot Autoplot ggplot instances. It returns the passed instance as it is. Autoplot maps::map
fortify.factanal Convert stats::factanal to data.frame
autoplot.matrix Plot base::matrix
cbind_wraps Wrapper for cbind
check_names Check data names are equal with expected
autoplot.spec Autoplot stats::spec
autoplot.stepfun Plot stats::stepfun
apply_facets Apply facets to to ggplot2::ggplot
as_tibble.basis Convert a spline basis to a tibble
fortify.list Convert list to data.frame
fortify.SpatialCommon Convert sp instances to data.frame.
apply_grid Apply grid to to ggplot2::ggplot
fortify.matrix Convert base::matrix to data.frame
fortify.aareg Convert survival::aareg to data.frame
fortify.forecast Convert forecast::forecast to data.frame
geom_factory Factory function to control ggplot2::geom_xxx functions
get.dtindex Convert ts index to Date vector
autoplot.density Autoplot stats::density
autoplot.MSM.lm Autoplot MSwM::MSM.lm
autoplot.glmnet Autoplot glmnet::glmnet
fortify.acf Convert stats::acf to data.frame
autoplot.kmeans Autoplot cluster instances
fortify.glmnet Convert glmnet::glmnet to data.frame
fortify.kmeans Convert cluster instances to data.frame
ggfortify ggfortify
fortify.basis Convert spline basis instances to data.frame
fortify.lfda Convert lfda::lfda or lfda::klfda or lfda::self to data.frame
ggfreqplot Plot seasonal subseries of time series, generalization of stats::monthplot
fortify.spec Convert stats::spec to data.frame
autoplot.survfit Autoplot survival::survfit
autoplot.pca_common Autoplot PCA-likes
autoplot.performance Autoplot ROCR::performance
autoplot.forecast Autoplot forecast::forecast
rbind_ts Rbind original and predicted time-series-like instances as fortified data.frame
autoplot.ts Autoplot time-series-like
fortify.stepfun Convert stats::stepfun to data.frame
get.dtindex.continuous Get Date vector continue to ts index
get.layout Calcurate layout matrix for ggmultiplot
fortify.MSM.lm Convert MSwM::MSM.lm to data.frame
ggcpgram Plots a cumulative periodogram
+,ggmultiplot,ANY-method Generic add operator for ggmultiplot
ggdistribution Plot distribution
fortify_map Convert maps::map to data.frame. Calcurate residuals for stats::ar
geom_confint Connect observations by stairs.
unscale Backtransform scale-ed object
ggmultiplot-class An S4 class to hold multiple ggplot2::ggplot instances
post_autoplot Post process for fortify. Based on ggplot2::qplot
ggtsdiag Plots time-series diagnostics
show,ggmultiplot-method Generic show function for ggmultiplot
is_derived_from Check object is target class, or object is data.frame fortified from target.
is.univariate Check if Validates number of ts variates Calcurate fitted values for stats::ar
support_autoplot Check if passed object is supported by ggplot2::autoplot
fortify.RasterCommon Convert raster to data.frame
fortify.density Convert stats::density to data.frame
flatten Flatten dataframe contains matrix
fortify.cpt Convert changepoint::cpt and strucchange::breakpoints to data.frame
fortify.dist Convert stats::dist to data.frame Convert glmnet::cv.glmnet to data.frame
fortify.performance Convert ROCR::performance objects to data.frame
fortify.survfit Convert survival::survfit to data.frame
fortify.prcomp Convert stats::prcomp, stats::princomp to data.frame
fortify.varprd Convert vars::varprd to data.frame
fortify.table Convert base::table to data.frame
fortify_base Convert base::table to data.frame
fortify.ts Convert time-series-like to data.frame
get_geom_function Factory function to control ggplot2::geom_xxx functions
fortify.tsmodel Convert time series models (like AR, ARIMA) to data.frame
grid.draw.ggmultiplot The implemented grid.draw method for ggmultiplot, in order to work with ggsave() properly
ggbiplot Draw biplot using ggplot2.
plot_confint Attach confidence interval to ggplot2::ggplot
plot_label Attach label to ggplot2::ggplot
infer Infer class name
post_fortify Post process for fortify.
print,ggmultiplot-method Generic print function for ggmultiplot
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