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by Hadley Wickham

An implementation of the Grammar of Graphics

An implementation of the grammar of graphics in R. It combines the advantages of both base and lattice graphics: conditioning and shared axes are handled automatically, and you can still build up a plot step by step from multiple data sources. It also implements a sophisticated multidimensional conditioning system and a consistent interface to map data to aesthetic attributes. See the ggplot2 website for more information, documentation and examples.

Functions in ggplot2

Name Description
facet_null Facet specification: a single panel.
aes_colour_fill_alpha Colour related aesthetics: colour, fill and alpha
geom_density Display a smooth density estimate.
is.ggplot Reports whether x is a ggplot object
aes_group_order Aesthetics: group, order
geom_density2d Contours from a 2d density estimate. Fortify method for map objects.
element_line Theme element: line.
coord_trans Transformed cartesian coordinate system.
plot-templates Plot templates.
label_bquote Label facet with 'bquoted' expressions
geom_hex Hexagon bining.
geom_path Connect observations in original order
is.rel Reports whether x is a rel object
aes_linetype_size_shape Differentiation related aesthetics: linetype, size, shape
position_fill Stack overlapping objects on top of one another, and standardise to have equal height.
coord_expand_defaults Set the default expand values for the scale, if NA
aes_string Generate aesthetic mappings from a string/quoted objects
geom_rect 2d rectangles.
mean_se Calculate mean and standard errors on either side.
ggplot_build Build ggplot for rendering.
scale_colour_grey Sequential grey colour scale. Create a new ggplot plot from a data frame
scale_colour_gradientn Smooth colour gradient between n colours
add_theme Modify properties of an element in a theme object
coord New coordinate system.
element_text Theme element: text.
cut_number Cut numeric vector into intervals containing equal number of points.
stat_abline Add a line with slope and intercept.
coord_flip Flipped cartesian coordinates.
cut_interval Cut numeric vector into intervals of equal length.
ggscale Components of a scale:
facet_grid Lay out panels in a grid.
geom_smooth Add a smoothed conditional mean.
coord_quickmap Cartesian coordinates with an aspect ratio approximating Mercator projection.
stat_sum Sum unique values. Useful for overplotting on scatterplots.
geom_pointrange An interval represented by a vertical line, with a point in the middle.
opts Build a theme (or partial theme) from theme elements
ggplot2 ggplot2.
print.ggplot Draw plot on current graphics device.
is.coord Is this object a coordinate system?
should_stop Used in examples to illustrate when errors should occur.
last_plot Retrieve the last plot to be modified or created.
presidential Terms of 10 presidents from Eisenhower to Bush W.
scale_x_date Position scale, date
geom_crossbar Hollow bar with middle indicated by horizontal line.
stat_boxplot Calculate components of box and whisker plot.
geom_freqpoly Frequency polygon.
scale_colour_brewer Sequential, diverging and qualitative colour scales from
annotation_map Annotation: maps.
geom_raster High-performance rectangular tiling.
coord_cartesian Cartesian coordinates.
autoplot Create a complete ggplot appropriate to a particular data type
annotation_logticks Annotation: log tick marks
continuous_scale Continuous scale constructor.
absoluteGrob Absolute grob
element_blank Theme element: blank. This theme element draws nothing, and assigns no space
stat_bin Bin data.
stat_smooth Add a smoother.
stat_ellipse Plot data ellipses.
element_rect Theme element: rectangle.
geom_line Connect observations, ordered by x value.
annotation_custom Annotation: Custom grob.
is.facet Is this object a facetting specification?
stat_identity Identity statistic.
geom_errorbarh Horizontal error bars
geom_hline Horizontal line.
geom_dotplot Dot plot
label_value Label facets with their value. This is the default labelling scheme.
fortify.sp Fortify method for classes from the sp package.
geom_step Connect observations by stairs.
geom_polygon Polygon, a filled path.
stat_unique Remove duplicates.
geom_linerange An interval represented by a vertical line.
geom_bin2d Add heatmap of 2d bin counts.
midwest Midwest demographics. Modify a ggplot or theme object by adding on new components.
geom_rug Marginal rug plots.
guides Set guides for each scale.
geom_jitter Points, jittered to reduce overplotting.
msleep An updated and expanded version of the mammals sleep dataset.
guide_legend Legend guide.
position_stack Stack overlapping objects on top of one another.
scale_x_continuous Continuous position scales (x & y).
expand_limits Expand the plot limits with data.
translate_qplot_gpl Translating between qplot and Graphics Production Library (GPL)
scale_x_discrete Discrete position.
geom_segment Single line segments.
geom_tile Tile plane with rectangles.
stat_ecdf Empirical Cumulative Density Function
scale_colour_hue Qualitative colour scale with evenly spaced hues.
labs Change axis labels and legend titles
benchplot Benchmark plot creation time. Broken down into construct, build, render and draw times.
layer Create a new layer
scale_colour_gradient Smooth gradient between two colours
scale_linetype Scale for line patterns.
facet_wrap Wrap a 1d ribbon of panels into 2d.
geom_boxplot Box and whiskers plot.
position_dodge Adjust position by dodging overlaps to the side.
scale_colour_gradient2 Diverging colour gradient
borders Create a layer of map borders.
rel Relative sizing for theme elements
gg_dep Give a deprecation error, warning, or messsage, depending on version number.
stat_hline Add a horizontal line
hmisc Wrap up a selection of summary functions from Hmisc to make it easy to use with stat_summary.
ggtheme ggplot2 themes
interleave Interleave (or zip) multiple vectors into a single vector.
fortify-multcomp Fortify methods for objects produced by multcomp
scale_area Scale area instead of radius (for size).
aes Generate aesthetic mappings that describe how variables in the data are mapped to visual properties (aesthetics) of geoms.
cweave Col weave
fortify Fortify a model with data.
geom_blank Blank, draws nothing.
annotation_raster Annotation: High-performance rectangular tiling.
geom_ribbon Ribbons, y range with continuous x values.
diamonds Prices of 50,000 round cut diamonds
scale_x_datetime Position scale, date
stat_density2d 2d density estimation.
rweave Row weave.
seals Vector field of seal movements.
scale_identity Use values without scaling.
scale_size_area Scale area instead of radius, for size.
stat_binhex Bin 2d plane into hexagons.
coord_map Map projections.
geom_errorbar Error bars.
limits Generate correct scale type for specified limits
stat_quantile Continuous quantiles.
geom_quantile Add quantile lines from a quantile regression.
stat_density 1d kernel density estimate.
stat_summary_hex Apply funciton for 2D hexagonal bins.
geom_point Points, as for a scatterplot
position_jitter Jitter points to avoid overplotting.
coord_fixed Cartesian coordinates with fixed relationship between x and y scales.
facet Facet specification.
geom_area Area plot.
geom_violin Violin plot.
position_jitterdodge Adjust position by simultaneously dodging and jittering
scale_shape Scale for shapes, aka glyphs.
geom_bar Bars, rectangles with bases on x-axis
stat_bin2d Count number of observation in rectangular bins.
scale_size Size scale.
theme_blank Deprecated theme_xx functions
label_wrap_gen Label facets with a word wrapped label.
discrete_scale Discrete scale constructor.
scale_alpha Alpha scales.
is.theme Reports whether x is a theme object
zeroGrob The zero grob draws nothing and has zero size.
stat_qq Calculation for quantile-quantile plot.
ggplot Create a new ggplot plot
map_data Create a data frame of map data.
theme_update Get, set and update themes.
update_geom_defaults Modify geom/stat aesthetic defaults for future plots
stat_summary2d Apply funciton for 2D rectangular bins.
update_element Update theme param
position_identity Don't adjust position
geom_map Polygons from a reference map.
translate_qplot_ggplot Translating between qplot and ggplot
stat_summary Summarise y values at every unique x.
labeller Generic labeller function for facets
translate_qplot_lattice Translating between qplot and lattice
update_labels Update axis/legend labels
translate_qplot_base Translating between qplot and base graphics
aes_auto Automatic aesthetic mapping
my_plot Create a plot.
resolution Compute the "resolution" of a data vector.
geom_text Textual annotations.
stat_ydensity 1d kernel density estimate along y axis, for violin plot.
theme Set theme elements
aes_all Given a character vector, create a set of identity mappings
aes_position Position related aesthetics: x, y, xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, xend, yend
economics US economic time series.
calc_element Calculate the element properties, by inheriting properties from its parents
fortify.lm Supplement the data fitted to a linear model with model fit statistics.
label_parsed Label facets with parsed label.
mpg Fuel economy data from 1999 and 2008 for 38 popular models of car
stat_spoke Convert angle and radius to xend and yend.
waiver A waiver object.
stat_bindot Bin data for dot plot.
stat_function Superimpose a function.
coord_polar Polar coordinates.
geom_abline Line specified by slope and intercept.
ggplotGrob Generate a ggplot2 plot grob.
label_both Label facets with value and variable.
movies Movie information and user ratings from
geom_contour Display contours of a 3d surface in 2d.
qplot Quick plot
stat_contour Calculate contours of 3d data.
xlim Convenience functions to set the limits of the x and y axis.
annotate Create an annotation layer.
geom_vline Line, vertical.
geom_histogram Histogram
ggplot_gtable Build a plot with all the usual bits and pieces.
ggsave Save a ggplot with sensible defaults
guide_colourbar Continuous colour bar guide.
scale_manual Create your own discrete scale.
stat_vline Add a vertical line
summary.ggplot Displays a useful description of a ggplot object
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Date/Publication 2014-05-21 15:36:28

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