Get, set, and modify the active theme

The current/active theme is automatically applied to every plot you draw. Use theme_get to get the current theme, and theme_set to completely override it. theme_update and theme_replace are shorthands for changing individual elements.

e1 %+replace% e2
new theme (a list of theme elements)
named list of theme settings
e1, e2
Theme and element to combine

theme_set, theme_update, and theme_replace invisibly return the previous theme so you can easily save it, then later restore it.

Adding on to a theme

+ and %+replace% can be used to modify elements in themes. + updates the elements of e1 that differ from elements specified (not NULL) in e2. Thus this operator can be used to incrementally add or modify attributes of a ggplot theme. In contrast, %+replace% replaces the entire element; any element of a theme not specified in e2 will not be present in the resulting theme (i.e. NULL). Thus this operator can be used to overwrite an entire theme. theme_update uses the + operator, so that any unspecified values in the theme element will default to the values they are set in the theme. theme_replace uses %+replace% tocompletely replace the element, so any unspecified values will overwrite the current value in the theme with NULLs.

See Also

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  • theme_update
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  • %+replace%
library(ggplot2) p <- ggplot(mtcars, aes(mpg, wt)) + geom_point() p # Use theme_set() to completely override the current theme. # Here we have the old theme so we can later restore it. # Note that the theme is applied when the plot is drawn, not # when it is created. old <- theme_set(theme_bw()) p theme_set(old) p # Modifying theme objects ----------------------------------------- # You can use + and %+replace% to modify a theme object. # They differ in how they deal with missing arguments in # the theme elements. add_el <- theme_grey() + theme(text = element_text(family = "Times")) add_el$text rep_el <- theme_grey() %+replace% theme(text = element_text(family = "Times")) rep_el$text # theme_update() and theme_replace() are similar except they # apply directly to the current/active theme.
Documentation reproduced from package ggplot2, version 2.2.1, License: GPL-2 | file LICENSE

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