Tidy eval helpers

  • sym() creates a symbol from a string and syms() creates a list of symbols from a character vector.

  • enquo() and enquos() delay the execution of one or several function arguments. enquo() returns a single quoted expression, which is like a blueprint for the delayed computation. enquos() returns a list of such quoted expressions.

  • expr() quotes a new expression locally. It is mostly useful to build new expressions around arguments captured with enquo() or enquos(): expr(mean(!!enquo(arg), na.rm = TRUE)).

To learn more about tidy eval and how to use these tools, visit https://tidyeval.tidyverse.org and the Metaprogramming section of Advanced R.

  • tidyeval
  • quo
  • quos
  • enquo
  • enquos
  • quo_name
  • sym
  • ensym
  • syms
  • ensyms
  • expr
  • exprs
  • enexpr
  • enexprs
  • .data
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