Collection of functions to enhance ggplot2 plots with results from statistical tests.


The main functions are-

  • ggbetweenstats function to produce information-rich comparison plot between different groups or conditions with ggplot2 and details from the statistical tests in the subtitle

  • ggscatterstats function to produce ggplot2 scatterplots along with a marginal histograms/boxplots/density plots from ggExtra and details from the statistical tests in the subtitle

  • ggpiestats function to produce pie chart with details from the statistical tests in the subtitle

  • gghistostats function to produce histogram for a single variable with results from one sample test displayed in the subtitle

  • ggcorrmat function to visualize correlation matrix

  • combine_plots helper function to combine multiple ggstatsplot plots using cowplot::plot_grid() with a combination of title, caption, and annotation label

  • theme_mprl default theme used for this package

  • specify_decimal_p helper function to format results for pretty printing

For more documentation, see README on GitHub. Vignette preparation in progress.

  • ggstatsplot
  • ggstatsplot-package
Documentation reproduced from package ggstatsplot, version 0.0.2, License: GPL-3 | file LICENSE

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