ggsubplot v0.3.1.9000

Explore Complex Data by Embedding Subplots

ggsubplot makes it easy to embed customized subplots within larger graphics. Subplots may be used as a geom to explore interaction effects, spatial data, and hierarchical data. Subplots can also be used to explore big data without overplotting.



Embed subplots into ggplot2 graphics

Functions in ggsubplot

Name Description
geom_coxcomb Coxcomb glyphs
ggsubplot Create a ggsubplot object
ggsubplot-class ggsubplot class
casualties casualty data from the Afghan War Diary, lightly cleaned
geom_star Star glyphs
geom_subplot2d Bin data and visualize with a grid of subplots.
geom_freqstar Frequency Star glyphs
interval_breaks Pick breaks for interval (1d) bins.
geom_subplot Create a layer of embedded subplots
nasa Nasa data from the 2006 American Statistical Association Data Expo
rescale_11 rescale vectors to [-1,1]
ply_aes Compute aesthetics groupwise
rescale_2pi rescale vectors to [0, 2 * pi]
rescale_01 rescale vectors to [0,1]
ref_vline Vertical reference line glyph
ref_box Reference box glyph
ref_hline Horizontal reference line glyph
sp_layer-class sp_layer class
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