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Extra Themes, Scales and Geoms for 'ggplot2'

Some extra themes, geoms, and scales for 'ggplot2'. Provides 'ggplot2' themes and scales that replicate the look of plots by Edward Tufte, Stephen Few, 'Fivethirtyeight', 'The Economist', 'Stata', 'Excel', and 'The Wall Street Journal', among others. Provides 'geoms' for Tufte's box plot and range frame.

Functions in ggthemes

Name Description
canva_palettes 150 Color Palettes from Canva
circlefill_shape_pal Filled Circle Shape palette (discrete)
cleveland_shape_pal Shape palette from Cleveland "Elements of Graphing Data" (discrete).
excel_pal Excel color palette (discrete)
economist_pal Economist color palette (discrete)
calc_shape_pal Calc shape palette (discrete)
calc_pal Calc color palette (discrete)
bank_slopes Bank Slopes to 45 degrees
canva_pal color palettes
colorblind_pal Colorblind Color Palette (Discrete) and Scales
palette_pander Color palette from the pander package
geom_tufteboxplot Tufte's Box Blot
ggthemes_data Palette data for the ggthemes package
ggthemes ggthemes
few_pal Color Palletes from Few's "Practical Rules for Using Color in Charts"
fivethirtyeight_pal color palette
hc_pal Highcharts JS color palette (discrete)
ptol_pal Color Palettes from Paul Tol's "Colour Schemes"
gdocs_pal Google Docs color palette (discrete)
geom_rangeframe Range Frames
scale_colour_economist Economist color scales
scale_colour_fivethirtyeight color scales
scale_colour_gradient2_tableau Tableau diverging colour scales (continuous)
scale_colour_tableau Tableau color scales.
scale_fill_excel Excel color scales
scale_fill_calc LibreOffice Calc color scales
scale_colour_gradient_tableau Tableau sequential colour scale (continuous)
scale_colour_canva Discrete color scale using color palettes
extended_range_breaks_ Pretty axis breaks inclusive of extreme values
scale_colour_few Color scales from Few's "Practical Rules for Using Color in Charts"
scale_shape_stata Stata shape scale
scale_colour_hc Highcharts color and fill scales
scale_shape_circlefill Filled Circle Shape palette (discrete)
scale_colour_ptol Color Scales from Paul Tol's "Colour Schemes
scale_shape_calc Calc shape scale
scale_linetype_stata Stata linetype palette (discrete)
scale_shape_cleveland Shape scales from Cleveland "Elements of Graphing Data"
scale_shape_tableau Tableau shape scales
scale_fill_gdocs Google Docs color scales
scale_color_pander Color scale from the pander package
show_shapes Show shapes
solarized_pal Solarized color palette (discrete)
scale_colour_stata Stata color scales
scale_shape_tremmel Shape scales from Tremmel (1995)
solarized_rebase Base colors for Solarized light and dark themes
scale_fill_solarized Solarized color scales
smart_digits Format numbers with automatic number of digits
scale_colour_wsj Wall Street Journal color and fill scales
show_linetypes Show linetypes
stat_fivenumber Calculate components of a five-number summary
theme_calc Theme Calc
tableau_color_pal Color Palettes based on Tableau (discrete)
stata_shape_pal Stata shape palette (discrete)
stata_linetype_pal Stata linetype palette (discrete)
stata_pal Stata color palettes (discrete)
theme_economist ggplot color theme based on the Economist
tableau_shape_pal Tableau Shape Palettes (discrete)
tableau_seq_gradient_pal Tableau sequential colour gradient palettes (continuous)
theme_base Theme Base
tableau_div_gradient_pal Tableau diverging colour gradient palettes (continuous)
theme_few Theme based on Few's "Practical Rules for Using Color in Charts"
theme_hc Highcharts JS theme
theme_fivethirtyeight Theme inspired by plots
theme_pander A ggplot theme originated from the pander package
theme_par Theme which takes its values from the current ‘base’ graphics parameter values in par.
theme_gdocs Theme with Google Docs Chart defaults
theme_map Clean theme for maps
theme_foundation Foundation Theme
theme_excel ggplot color theme based on old Excel plots
theme_igray Inverse gray theme
wsj_pal Wall Street Journal color palette (discrete)
theme_solarized ggplot color themes based on the Solarized palette
theme_tufte Tufte Maximal Data, Minimal Ink Theme
theme_wsj Wall Street Journal theme
theme_stata Themes based on Stata graph schemes
theme_solid Theme with nothing other than a background color
tremmel_shape_pal Shape palette from Tremmel (1995) (discrete)
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VignetteBuilder knitr
License GPL-2
Collate 'banking.R' 'base.R' 'calc.R' 'canva.R' 'colorblind.R' 'economist.R' 'excel.R' 'few.R' 'ggthemes-data.R' 'ggthemes-package.R' 'fivethirtyeight.R' 'gdocs.R' 'geom-rangeframe.R' 'geom-tufteboxplot.R' 'hc.R' 'igray.R' 'pander.R' 'ptol.R' 'scale-tufte.R' 'shapes.R' 'show.R' 'solarized.R' 'stat-fivenumber.R' 'stata.R' 'tableau.R' 'theme-foundation.R' 'theme-map.R' 'theme-solid.R' 'tufte.R' 'utils.R' 'wsj.R'
RoxygenNote 6.0.1
LazyData true
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2017-02-19 09:14:16 UTC; jrnold
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2017-02-19 10:53:38

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