ghit (version 0.2.18)

install_bitbucket: Install R package from Bitbucket


install_bitbucket allows users to install R packages hosted on Bitbucket without needing to install or load the heavy dependencies required by devtools. ghit provides a drop-in replacement that provides (almost) identical functionality to devtools::install_bitbucket(). The install_bitbucket_server interface provides some convenient default values for host and credentials for corporate users.


install_bitbucket(repo, host = "", credentials = NULL,
  build_args = NULL, build_vignettes = TRUE, uninstall = FALSE,
  verbose = FALSE, repos = NULL, type = "source", dependencies = NA,

install_bitbucket_server(repo, host = Sys.getenv("BITBUCKET_HOST"), credentials = bitbucket_cred(), build_args = NULL, build_vignettes = TRUE, uninstall = FALSE, verbose = FALSE, repos = NULL, type = if (.Platform[["pkgType"]] %in% "win.binary") "both" else "source", dependencies = c("Depends", "Imports"), ...)



A character vector naming one or more GitHub repository containing an R package to install (e.g., “imanuelcostigan/devtest”), or optionally a branch (“imanuelcostigan/devtest[dev]”), a reference (“imanuelcostigan/devtest@309fa0a”), tag (“imanuelcostigan/devtest@v0.1”), or subdirectory (“imanuelcostigan/samplepackage/R”). These arguments can be placed in any order and in any combination (e.g., “imanuelcostigan/devtest[master]@abc123/R”). As the use of pull request (PR) references are not supported by Bitbucket, you should install from the PR's source repository and branch.


A character string naming a host. This defaults to when using the install_bitbucket() interface and can be set other values to enable installation of Bitbucket Server packages. However, the install_bitbucket_server() provides a more convenient default value sourced from the BITBUCKET_HOST environment variable by default.


An argument passed to the credentials argument to fetch. See cred_user_pass or cred_ssh_key. This defaults to: using the use the SSH key via cred_ssh_key when using the install_bitbucket() interface; and supplying to cred_user_pass the username and password values stored in the USERNAME and BITBUCKET_PASS environment variables when using install_bitbucket_server() interface.


A character string used to control the package build, passed to R CMD build.


A logical specifying whether to build package vignettes, passed to R CMD build. Can be slow. Note: The default is TRUE, unlike in devtools::install_github().


A logical specifying whether to uninstall previous installations using remove.packages before attempting install. This is useful for installing an older version of a package than the one currently installed.


A logical specifying whether to print details of package building and installation.


A character vector specifying one or more URLs for CRAN-like repositories from which package dependencies might be installed. By default, value is taken from options("repos") or set to the CRAN cloud repository.


A character vector passed to the type argument of install.packages.


A character vector specifying which dependencies to install (of “Depends”, “Imports”, “Suggests”, etc.).

Additional arguments to control installation of package, passed to install.packages.


A named character vector of R package versions installed.


tmp <- file.path(tempdir(), "tmplib")
# install a single package. Multiple package install is also supported.
install_bitbucket("imanuelcostigan/devtest", lib = tmp)

# Install from Bitbucket Server

# cleanup
unlink(tmp, recursive = TRUE)