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by Stefan Widgren

Provides Access to Git Repositories

Interface to the 'libgit2' library, which is a pure C implementation of the 'Git' core methods. Provides access to 'Git' repositories to extract data and running some basic 'Git' commands.

Functions in git2r

Name Description
branch_remote_name Remote name of a branch
git_commit-class S4 class to handle a git commit.
coerce-git_repository-method Coerce Git repository to a data.frame
branches Branches
clone Clone a remote repository
discover_repository Find path to repository for any file
branch_target Get target (sha) pointed to by a branch
git_reflog_entry-class S4 class to handle a git reflog entry.
add Add file(s) to index
length,git_diff-method Number of files in git_diff object
cred_ssh_key Create a new passphrase-protected ssh key credential object
git_fetch_head-class S4 class to handle a fetch head
git_transfer_progress-class Class "git_transfer_progress"
git_blame-class S4 class to handle a git blame for a single file
config Config
bundle_r_package Bundle bare repo of package
git_signature-class S4 class to handle a git signature
fetch_heads Get updated heads during the last fetch.
branch_rename Rename a branch
is_commit Check if object is S4 class git_commit
git_diff_hunk-class Git diff hunk
coerce-git_tree-data.frame-method Coerce entries in a git_tree to a data.frame
libgit2_sha SHA of the libgit2 library
cred_user_pass Create a new plain-text username and password credential object
git_time-class S4 class to handle a git time in a signature
git_tag-class S4 class to handle a git tag
git2r git2r: R bindings to the libgit2 library
git_merge_result-class S4 class to handle the merge result
ahead_behind Ahead Behind
git_branch-class S4 class to handle a git branch
contributions Contributions
blame Get blame for file
libgit2_features Compile time options for libgit2.
fetch Fetch new data and update tips
branch_delete Delete a branch
cred_user_pass-class S4 class to handle plain-text username and password credential object
is_detached Check if HEAD of repository is detached
init Init a repository
descendant_of Descendant
is_local Check if branch is local
branch_create Create a branch
git_blame_hunk-class S4 class to represent a blame hunk
stash Stash
is_merge Is merge
in_repository Determine if a directory is in a git repository
summary,git_tree-method Summary of tree
show,git_commit-method Brief summary of commit
remotes Get the configured remotes for a repo
tag Create tag targeting HEAD commit in repository
branch_get_upstream Get remote tracking branch
merge_branch Merge branch into HEAD
summary,git_commit-method Summary of commit
stash_drop Drop stash
when When
remote_rename Rename a remote
summary,git_stash-method Summary of a stash
git_diff_file-class Git diff file
merge_named_branch Merge named branch into HEAD
is_empty Check if repository is empty
git_blob-class S4 class to handle a git blob
coerce-git_tree-list-method Coerce entries in a git_tree to a list of entry objects
summary,git_repository-method Summary of repository
head,git_repository-method Get HEAD for a repository
show,git_merge_result-method Brief summary of merge result
show,git_note-method Brief summary of note
git_stash-class S4 class to handle a git stash
is_bare Check if repository is bare
is_shallow Determine if the repository was a shallow clone
content Content of blob
length,git_blob-method Size in bytes of the contents of a blob
note_remove Remove the note for an object
pull Pull
checkout Checkout
stash_list List stashes in repository
show,git_repository-method Brief summary of repository
hash Determine the sha from a blob string
odb_blobs Blobs in the object database
lookup Lookup
commit Commit
is_head Check if branch is head
remote_url Get the remote url for remotes in a repo
length,git_tree-method Number of entries in tree
show,git_diff-method Show a diff
default_signature Get the signature
tree Tree
blob_create Create blob from file on disk
show,git_reflog_entry-method Brief summary of a reflog entry
merge_base Find a merge base between two commits
git_repository-class S4 class to handle a git repository
diff,git_repository-method Changes between commits, trees, working tree, etc.
show,git_blob-method Brief summary of blob
branch_remote_url Remote url of a branch
branch_set_upstream Set remote tracking branch
show,git_tag-method Brief summary of a tag
git_diff_line-class Git diff line
reflog List and view reflog information
cred_ssh_key-class S4 class to handle a passphrase-protected ssh key credential object
is_binary Is blob binary
show,git_tree-method Brief summary of tree
rm_file Remove files from the working tree and from the index
merge,git_repository,character-method Merge a branch into HEAD
odb_objects List all objects available in the database
summary,git_diff-method Show the summary of a diff
git_note-class S4 class to handle a git note
git_diff-class Git diff
parents Parents
summary,git_blob-method Summary of blob
push Push
git_tree-class S4 class to handle a git tree
workdir Workdir of repository
repository Open a repository
note_create Add note for a object
[,git_tree,integer,missing-method Extract object from tree
show,git_reference-method Brief summary of reference
summary,git_tag-method Summary of a tag
notes List notes
plot,git_repository-method Plot commits over time
is_blob Check if object is S4 class git_blob
git_reference-class S4 class to handle a git reference
commits Commits
show,git_time-method Brief summary of git_time
show,git_stash-method Brief summary of a stash
libgit2_version Version of the libgit2 library
hashfile Determine the sha from a blob in a file
remote_remove Remove a remote
references Get all references that can be found in a repository.
reset Reset current HEAD to the specified state
note_default_ref Default notes reference
show,git_branch-method Brief summary of branch
remote_add Add a remote to a repo
show,git_signature-method Brief summary of signature
revparse_single Revparse
status Status
tags Tags
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Date 2015-05-07
License GPL-2
Copyright See COPYRIGHTS file.
Type Package
LazyData true
Biarch true
NeedsCompilation yes
SystemRequirements zlib headers and library. OpenSSL (non-Windows) headers and library. Optional LibSSH2 (non-Windows) to enable the SSH transport.
Collate 'S4_classes.r' 'blame.r' 'blob.r' 'branch.r' 'bundle_r_package.r' 'checkout.r' 'commit.r' 'config.r' 'contributions.r' 'credential.r' 'diff.r' 'fetch.r' 'git2r.r' 'index.r' 'libgit2.r' 'merge.r' 'note.r' 'odb.r' 'plot.r' 'pull.r' 'push.r' 'reference.r' 'reflog.r' 'remote.r' 'repository.r' 'reset.r' 'revparse.r' 'signature.r' 'stash.r' 'status.r' 'tag.r' 'time.r' 'tree.r' 'when.r'
Packaged 2015-05-07 18:44:46 UTC; stefan
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2015-05-07 23:10:22

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