globaltest v5.26.0

by Jelle Goeman

Testing Groups of Covariates/Features for Association with a Response Variable, with Applications to Gene Set Testing

The global test tests groups of covariates (or features) for association with a response variable. This package implements the test with diagnostic plots and multiple testing utilities, along with several functions to facilitate the use of this test for gene set testing of GO and KEGG terms.

Functions in globaltest

Name Description
mlogit Multinomial Logistic Regression
gt Global Test
Diagnostic plots for globaltest Global Test diagnostic plots
gt.options Options for globaltest package
gt goodness of fit methods Goodness of fit testing in regression models using Global Test
gt gene set testing methods Gene set testing of gene set databases using Global Test
gt.object class Class "gt.object" for storing the result of the function gt
Multiple testing methods of the globaltest package Multiple testing correction for the Global Test
Comparative proportions Comparative proportions for the Global Test
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Date 2015-09-29
License GPL (>= 2)
biocViews Microarray, OneChannel, Bioinformatics, DifferentialExpression, GO, Pathways
Collate gt-object.R mlogit.R comparative.R diagnosticplots.R focuslevel.R generalizedFdistribution.R genesettesting.R gt.R inheritance.R models.R options.R utilities.R goodnessoffit.R
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