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Access the Gmail RESTful API

An interface to the Gmail RESTful API. Allows access to your Gmail messages, threads, drafts and labels.



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Exposing the Gmail API from R.


  • retrieve data from your email
    • drafts: my_drafts = drafts()
    • history: my_history = history(start_num)
    • labels: my_labels = labels()
    • messages: my_messages = messages("search query")
    • threads: my_threads = threads("search query")
  • Create and send emails and drafts: see sending_messages vignette
  • manage email labels programmatically: modify_thread(thread_id, add_labels=c("label_1"), remove_labels=c("label_2"))
  • put things in the gmail trash
    • messages: trash_message(message_id)
    • threads: trash_thread(thread_id)
  • take things out of the gmail trash
    • messages: untrash_message(message_id)
    • threads: untrash_thread(thread_id)
  • delete directly without using the trash
    • messages: delete_message(message_id)
    • threads: delete_thread(thread_id)


By default gmailr will use a global project. However if you are going to be doing a heavy user and will do a lot of queries please setup your own project with the steps below.

  • Register a new project at
  • Navigate to APIs
    • Switch the Gmail API status to On, and other API status to Off
  • Navigate to APIs & auth->Consent screen
    • Name your application
    • Select an email address for the application
    • Other fields can be left blank
  • Navigate to APIs & auth->Credentials
    • Create a new client ID
      • Application Type: Installed Application
      • Installed Application Type: Other
    • Download the Client ID JSON - can be renamed!
  • Use the downloaded JSON file as input to gmail_auth()


Future Work

  • More unit tests and better coverage
  • More (complicated) examples
  • Email statistics
  • Programmatic emailing
  • Returning data frames in addition to native Gmail API objects which are usually a nested list.
  • Support all the formats of users.messages:get


Functions in gmailr

Name Description
create_label Create a new label
clear_token Clear the current oauth token
mime Create a mime formatted message object
create_draft Create a draft from a mime message
trash_message Send a single message to the trash
save_attachments Save attachments to a message
quoted_printable_encode Encode text using quoted printable
drafts Get a list of drafts
insert_message Insert a message into the gmail mailbox from a mime message
labels Get a list of all labels
body Get the body text of a message or draft
delete_thread Permanently delete a single thread.
trash_thread Send a single thread to the trash
threads Get a list of threads
delete_label Permanently delete a label
send_message Send a message from a mime message
use_secret_file Use information from a secret file
save_attachment save the attachment to a file
history Retrieve change history for the inbox
id Get the id of a gmailr object
gmailr gmailr makes gmail access easy.
to Methods to get values from message or drafts
thread Get a single thread
untrash_message Remove a single message from the trash
messages Get a list of messages
message Get a single message
modify_thread Modify the labels on a thread
%>% Pipe statements
import_message Import a message into the gmail mailbox from a mime message
label Get a specific label
attachment Retrieve an attachment to a message
gmail_auth Setup oauth authentication for your gmail
as.character.mime Convert a mime object to character representation
untrash_thread Remove a single thread from the trash.
delete_message Permanently delete a single message
draft Get a single draft
update_label Update a existing label.
send_draft Send a draft
last_response Response from the last query
modify_message Modify the labels on a message
%>% Pipe statements
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