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An Interface to Google Drive

Manage Google Drive from R.



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googledrive allows you to interact with files on Google Drive from R.


# Obtain the the development version from GitHub:
# install.packages("devtools")


Please see the package website:

Here's a teaser that uses googledrive to view some of the files you see on

drive_find(n_max = 25)
#> Auto-refreshing stale OAuth token.
#> # A tibble: 25 x 3
#>                            name
#>  *                        <chr>
#>  1               chicken-rm.txt
#>  2                  chicken.jpg
#>  3           README-mirrors.csv
#>  4           README-mirrors.csv
#>  5                          def
#>  6                          abc
#>  7               folder1-level4
#>  8               folder1-level3
#>  9      cranberry-TEST-drive-ls
#> 10 folder1-level2-TEST-drive-ls
#> # ... with 15 more rows, and 2 more variables: id <chr>,
#> #   drive_resource <list>


If you'd like to contribute to the development of googledrive, please read these guidelines.

Functions in googledrive

Name Description
drive_check_publish Check if Google Drive file is published
drive_deauth Suspend authorization
drive_auth Authorize googledrive
drive_browse Visit Drive file in browser
drive_get_id Get Google Drive id
drive_ls List contents of a folder or Team Drive
drive_delete Delete file from Drive.
drive_file Create a Google Drive file object
drive_token Produce Google token
drive_upload Upload into a new Drive file
drive_mv Move a Drive file
drive_publish Publish native Google files
drive_user Get info on current user
is_legit_token Check that token appears to be legitimate
token_available Check token availability
drive_share Share Drive files
drive_share_link Retrieve a file's share link.
guser Google Drive User Information
drive_mkdir Create a Drive folder
%>% Pipe operator
drive_list List files on Google Drive
googledrive googledrive.
paths Query paths.
drive_search Search for files on Google Drive.
drive_get Get Drive files by path or id
drive_id Mark as Google Drive id.
as_dribble Coerce to Drive files
dribble dribble object
drive_unpublish Unpublish Google Drive file
is_one Require that dribble contains exactly one Drive file.
drive_is_published Check if Google Drive file is published
dribble-checks Check facts about a dribble
build_request Build a request for the Google Drive v3 API
make_request Make a request for the Google Drive v3 API
drive_endpoints List Drive endpoints
generate_request Build a request for the Google Drive v3 API
as_id Extract and/or mark as file id
drive_mime_type Lookup MIME type
drive_fields Request partial resources
drive_api_key Retrieve API key
process_response Process a response from the Google Drive v3 API
drive_download Download a Drive file
expose An expose object
drive_extension Lookup extension from MIME type
drive_cp Copy a Drive file
drive_rename Rename a Drive file
drive_find Find files on Google Drive
drive_rm Delete files from Drive
drive_trash Move Drive files to or from trash
drive_empty_trash Empty Drive Trash
drive_view_trash Get files in Drive Trash
drive_add_path Get paths to Drive files.
drive_update Update an existing Drive file
teamdrive_update Update an existing Team Drive
as_teamdrive Identify Team Drives
drive_corpus Access Team Drive files
teamdrive_create Create a new Team Drive
teamdrive_find Find Team Drives
teamdrive_get Get Team Drives by name or id
teamdrive_rm Delete Team Drives
drive_link Retrieve Drive file links
as_team_drive Coerce to Team Drive
team_drive_find Find Team Drives
team_drive_get Get Team Drives by name or id
team_drive_create Create a new Team Drive
team_drive_rm Delete Team Drives
team_drive_update Update an existing Team Drive
team_drives Access Team Drives
drive_auth_config View or set auth config
drive_reveal Add column(s) with new information
drive_example Get path to example file
drive_about Get info on Drive capabilities
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