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by Jennifer Bryan

Manage Google Spreadsheets from R

Interact with Google Sheets from R.

Functions in googlesheets

Name Description
gdrive_POST Make POST request to Google Drive API
construct_ws_feed_from_key Construct a worksheets feed from a key
gs_grepdel Delete several spreadsheets at once by title
googlesheet Register a Google Sheet
gs_edit_cells Edit cells
gs_download Download a spreadsheet
gs_ls List sheets a la Google Sheets home screen
gs_webapp_auth_url Build URL for authentication
gs_new Create a new spreadsheet
gdrive_GET Make GET request to Google Drive API
gs_upload Upload a file and convert it to a Google Sheet
get_google_token Retrieve Google token from environment
extract_key_from_url Extract sheet key from a URL
gs_inspect Visual overview of populated cells
gs_copy Copy an existing spreadsheet
cell-specification Specify cells for reading or writing
gs_auth_suspend Suspend authorization
gs_read_listfeed Read data via the "list feed"
gs_perm_delete Delete a permission from a spreadsheet
gs_delete Delete a spreadsheet
print.googlesheet Print info about a googlesheet object
construct_url_from_key Construct a browser URL from a key
google_user Retrieve Google user data
gs_read Read data
gdrive_PUT Make PUT request to Google Drive API
gs_perm_add Add a permission to a spreadsheet
gs_add_row Append a row to a spreadsheet
gs_auth Authorize googlesheets
gs_ws Retrieve a worksheet-describing list from a googlesheet
gs_read_csv Read data via the exportcsv link
is_legit_token Check that token appears to be legitimate
gs_ws_modify Modify a worksheet's title or size
gs_perm_ls List permissions for a spreadsheet
gs_webapp_get_token Exchange authorization code for an access token
gs_ws_delete Delete a worksheet from a spreadsheet
gs_ws_ls List the worksheets in a spreadsheet
gs_ws_rename Rename a worksheet within a spreadsheet
gs_ws_resize Resize a worksheet
gs_simplify_cellfeed Simplify data from the cell feed
googlesheets googlesheets package
gs_ws_new Add a new worksheet within a spreadsheet
gsheets_POST Create POST request
gsheets_GET Create GET request
gs_read_cellfeed Read data from cells
gs_perm_edit Edit an existing permission
gs_reshape_cellfeed Reshape data from the "cell feed"
gsheets_DELETE Create DELETE request
example-sheets Examples of Google Sheets
gsheets_PUT Create PUT request
gs_user Retrieve information about authorized user
token_exists Check if authorization currently in force
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License MIT + file LICENSE
LazyData true
VignetteBuilder knitr
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2015-07-04 22:39:00 UTC; jenny
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2015-07-05 09:24:38

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