grDevices v3.0.3

The R Graphics Devices and Support for Colours and Fonts

Graphics devices and support for base and grid graphics

Functions in grDevices

Name Description
boxplot.stats Box Plot Statistics
adjustcolor Adjust Colors in One or More Directions Conveniently.
axisTicks Compute Pretty Axis Tick Scales
cairo Cairo-based SVG, PDF and PostScript Graphics Devices
as.raster Create a Raster Object
cm Unit Transformation
chull Compute Convex Hull of a Set of Points
col2rgb Color to RGB Conversion
as.graphicsAnnot Coerce an Object for Graphics Annotation
check.options Set Options with Consistency Checks
dev.capabilities Query Capabilities of the Current Graphics Device
dev.flush Hold or Flush Output on an On-Screen Graphics Device.
dev Control Multiple Devices
dev.size Find Size of Device Surface
contourLines Calculate Contour Lines
convertColor Convert between Colour Spaces
dev.capture Capture device output as a raster image
colors Color Names
dev2bitmap Graphics Device for Bitmap Files via Ghostscript
dev2 Copy Graphics Between Multiple Devices
grDevices-package The R Graphics Devices and Support for Colours and Fonts
hcl HCL Color Specification
embedFonts Embed Fonts in PostScript and PDF
getGraphicsEvent Wait for a mouse or keyboard event from a graphics window
extendrange Extend a Numerical Range by a Small Percentage
gray Gray Level Specification
Devices List of Graphical Devices
grDevices-defunct Defunct Functions in Package grDevices
gray.colors Gray Color Palette
devAskNewPage Prompt before New Page
pdf.options Auxiliary Function to Set/View Defaults for Arguments of pdf
Japanese Japanese characters in R
make.rgb Create colour spaces
Palettes Color Palettes
pictex A PicTeX Graphics Driver
pdf PDF Graphics Device
palette Set or View the Graphics Palette
n2mfrow Compute Default mfrow From Number of Plots
hsv HSV Color Specification
Hershey Hershey Vector Fonts in R
recordPlot Record and Replay Plots
rgb2hsv RGB to HSV Conversion
postscriptFonts PostScript and PDF Font Families
postscript PostScript Graphics
pretty.Date Pretty Breakpoints for Date-Time Classes
recordGraphics Record Graphics Operations
plotmath Mathematical Annotation in R
Type1Font Type 1 and CID Fonts
trans3d 3D to 2D Transformation for Perspective Plots
ps.options Auxiliary Function to Set/View Defaults for Arguments of postscript
xfig XFig Graphics Device
xyz.coords Extracting Plotting Structures
xyTable Multiplicities of (x,y) Points, e.g., for a Sunflower Plot
xy.coords Extracting Plotting Structures
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Priority base
License Part of R 3.0.3

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