Run SPIA analysis

Run a topological analysis on an expression dataset using SPIA.

analysis, topology, spia
runSPIA(de, all, pathwaySetName, ...)
A named vector containing log2 fold-changes of the differentially expressed genes. The names of this numeric vector are Entrez gene IDs.
A vector with the Entrez IDs in the reference set. If the data was obtained from a microarray experiment, this set will contain all genes present on the specific array used for the experiment. This vector should contain all names of the 'de' argument.
A list of pathways like kegg, nci or reactome.
Additional options to pass to spia.

The spia option "organism" is internally used. It is an error use it in the additional options.


  • The same of spia, without KEGG links. A data frame containing the ranked pathways and various statistics: pSize is the number of genes on the pathway; NDE is the number of DE genes per pathway; tA is the observed total preturbation accumulation in the pathway; pNDE is the probability to observe at least NDE genes on the pathway using a hypergeometric model; pPERT is the probability to observe a total accumulation more extreme than tA only by chance; pG is the p-value obtained by combining pNDE and pPERT; pGFdr and pGFWER are the False Discovery Rate and respectively Bonferroni adjusted global p-values; and the Status gives the direction in which the pathway is perturbed (activated or inhibited).


Tarca AL, Draghici S, Khatri P, Hassan SS, Mittal P, Kim JS, Kim CJ, Kusanovic JP, Romero R. A novel signaling pathway impact analysis. Bioinformatics. 2009 Jan 1;25(1):75-82.

Adi L. Tarca, Sorin Draghici, Purvesh Khatri, et. al, A Signaling Pathway Impact Analysis for Microarray Experiments, 2008, Bioinformatics, 2009, 25(1):75-82.

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  • runSPIA
if (require(SPIA) && require(hgu133plus2.db)) {

  x <- hgu133plus2ENTREZID
  top$ENTREZ <- unlist(as.list(x[top$ID]))
  top <- top[!$ENTREZ), ]
  top <- top[!duplicated(top$ENTREZ), ]
  tg1 <- top[top$adj.P.Val < 0.05, ]

  DE_Colorectal = tg1$logFC
  names(DE_Colorectal) <- as.vector(tg1$ENTREZ)
  ALL_Colorectal <- top$ENTREZ

  b <- pathways("hsapiens", "biocarta")
  prepareSPIA(b[1:20], "biocartaEx")
  runSPIA(de=DE_Colorectal, all=ALL_Colorectal, "biocartaEx")
Documentation reproduced from package graph, version 1.50.0, License: Artistic-2.0

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