Set Clipping Region

Set clipping region in user coordinates

clip(x1, x2, y1, y2)
x1, x2, y1, y2
user coordinates of clipping rectangle

How the clipping rectangle is set depends on the setting of par("xpd"): this function changes the current setting until the next high-level plotting command resets it.

Clipping of lines, rectangles and polygons is done in the graphics engine, but clipping of text is if possible done in the device, so the effect of clipping text is device-dependent (and may result in text not wholly within the clipping region being omitted entirely).

Exactly when the clipping region will be reset can be hard to predict. always resets it. Functions such as lines and text only reset it if par("xpd") has been changed. However, functions such as box, mtext, title and plot.dendrogram can manipulate the xpd setting.

See Also


  • clip
library(graphics) x <- rnorm(1000) hist(x, xlim = c(-4,4)) usr <- par("usr") clip(usr[1], -2, usr[3], usr[4]) hist(x, col = 'red', add = TRUE) clip(2, usr[2], usr[3], usr[4]) hist(x, col = 'blue', add = TRUE)"clip", as.list(usr)) # reset to plot region
Documentation reproduced from package graphics, version 3.3, License: Part of R 3.3

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