grid v3.5.3

The Grid Graphics Package

A rewrite of the graphics layout capabilities, plus some support for interaction.

Functions in grid

Name Description
grid.bezier Draw a Bezier Curve
getNames List the names of grobs on the display list
gpar Handling Grid Graphical Parameters
grid.null Null Graphical Object
grid.pack Pack an Object within a Frame
grid.rect Draw rectangles
depth Determine the number of levels in an object.
grid.refresh Refresh the current grid scene
grid.clip Set the Clipping Region
grid.xaxis Draw an X-Axis
grid.xspline Draw an Xspline
drawDetails Customising grid Drawing
stringWidth Create a Unit Describing the Width and Height of a String or Math Expression
grid.copy Make a Copy of a Grid Graphical Object
grid.convert Convert Between Different grid Coordinate Systems
grid.curve Draw a Curve Between Locations
unit Function to Create a Unit Object
grid.grill Draw a Grill
grid.grob Create Grid Graphical Objects, aka "Grob"s
grid.function Draw a curve representing a function
unit.pmin Parallel Unit Minima and Maxima
unit.rep Replicate Elements of Unit Objects Draw a Diagram of a Grid Viewport
grid.text Draw Text
vpPath Concatenate Viewport Names
widthDetails Width and Height of a grid grob
grid.get Get a Grid Graphical Object Move or Draw to a Specified Position
grid.newpage Move to a New Page on a Grid Device
grid.raster Render a raster object
grid.record Encapsulate calculations and drawing
grid.yaxis Draw a Y-Axis
Grid Grid Graphics
editDetails Customising grid Editing
explode Explode a path into its components.
absolute.size Absolute Size of a Grob
grid-defunct Defunct Functions in Package grid
grobName Generate a Name for a Grob
plotViewport Create a Viewport with a Standard Plot Layout
grid-internal Internal Grid Functions
grid-package The Grid Graphics Package
grid.DLapply Modify the Grid Display List
grid.delay Encapsulate calculations and generating a grob
resolveRasterSize Utility function to resolve the size of a raster grob
grid.cap Capture a raster image
grid.display.list Control the Grid Display List
grid.grab Grab the current grid output
Querying the Viewport Tree Get the Current Grid Viewport (Tree)
dataViewport Create a Viewport with Scales based on Data
gEdit Create and Apply Edit Objects
grid.grep Search for grobs
gPath Concatenate Grob Names Draw a Circle
Grid Viewports Create a Grid Viewport
grid.layout Create a Grid Layout
Working with Viewports Maintaining and Navigating the Grid Viewport Tree
grid.draw Draw a grid grob
grid.edit Edit the Description of a Grid Graphical Object
grid.lines Draw Lines in a Grid Viewport
grid.plot.and.legend A Simple Plot and Legend Demo
grid.force Force a grob into its components
grid.points Draw Data Symbols
grid.frame Create a Frame for Packing Objects
grid.polygon Draw a Polygon
grid.locator Capture a Mouse Click
roundrect Draw a rectangle with rounded corners
grid.pretty Generate a Sensible Set of Breakpoints
unit.c Combine Unit Objects
unit.length Length of a Unit Object
validDetails Customising grid grob Validation
grid.path Draw a Path
grid.set Set a Grid Graphical Object List the names of grobs or viewports
valid.just Validate a Justification
grid.reorder Reorder the children of a gTree
grid.remove Remove a Grid Graphical Object
xDetails Boundary of a grid grob
makeContent Customised grid Grobs
xsplinePoints Return the points that would be used to draw an Xspline (or a Bezier curve). Place an Object within a Frame
grobWidth Create a Unit Describing the Width of a Grob
grid.segments Draw Line Segments
legendGrob Constructing a Legend Grob
grobX Create a Unit Describing a Grob Boundary Location Draw a Diagram of a Grid Layout
showGrob Label grid grobs.
showViewport Display grid viewports.
grid.add Add a Grid Graphical Object
arrow Describe arrows to add to a line.
calcStringMetric Calculate Metric Information for Text
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Priority base
License Part of R 3.5.3
NeedsCompilation yes
imports grDevices , utils
suggests lattice
Contributors Paul Murrell

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