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by Baptiste Auguie

functions in Grid graphics

misc. high-level Grid functions

Functions in gridExtra

Name Description
gridExtra-package misc. high-level functions for Grid graphics
arrangeGrob arrangeGrob
read.tiff read tiff files with pixmap
interleaven interleaven
ellipseGrob ellipseGrob
arcTextGrob place text labels on a circle and display relations with arcs
borderGrob borderGrob
polygon1 polygon1
ngonGrob ngonGrob
stextGrob stextGrob
marrangeGrob marrangeGrob
theme.default theme
expand.arguments expand.arguments
virtualGrob virtualGrob
colorstripGrob colorstrip
rowMax.units rowMax.units
rpatternGrob rpatternGrob
pixmapGrob create a grob from pixmap object
barbedGrob barbedGrob
ebimageGrob create a grob from EBImage object
patternGrob patternGrob
polygon.regular polygon.regular
tableGrob tableGrob
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License GPL (>= 2)
Type Package
Date 2012-09-08
Collate 'arcText.r' 'arrange.r' 'barbedGrob.r' 'borderGrob.r' 'colorstripGrob.r' 'ebimage.r' 'ellipseGrob.r' 'gridExtra-package.r' 'grob-utils.r' 'polygon.regular.r' 'ngonGrob.r' 'patternGrob.r' 'pixmap.r' 'rpattern.r' 'stextGrob.r' 'tableGrob.r'
Packaged 2012-08-09 00:55:23 UTC; auguieba
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2012-08-09 05:38:06

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