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by Robin Hankin

wrapper for the Gnu Scientific Library

An R wrapper for special functions of the Gnu Scientific Library. ( The function naming scheme directly copies the GSL manual except that leading gsl_sf_ and, if present, the trailing _e is stripped: thus gsl_sf_Airy_Ai_e goes to R function airy_Ai(); however, some functions (such as gsl_sf_sin()) retain the prefix to avoid conflicts: a full list is given in help(Misc). Function arguments have the same names as in the GSL reference manual. The package is organized into units corresponding to GSL header files; the .c, .R, and .Rd filenames match the header filenames, except that the .Rd files are capitalized. Functions appear in all files in the same order as the GSL reference manual, which precludes the use of the tidying method given in section 3.1 of R-exts. Error forms of GSL functions (_e versions) are used if available. Documentation is limited to: (a), a pointer to the GSL reference book, which would in any case dominate any docs here; and (b), re-productions of some tables and figures in Abramowitz and Stegun (June 1964).

Functions in gsl

Name Description
Elljac Elliptic functions
Debye Debye functions
Airy Airy functions
Synchrotron Synchrotron functions
Gegenbauer Gegenbauer functions
Lambert Lambert's W function
Gamma gamma functions
Ellint Elliptic functions
Log Log functions
Misc Argument processing and general info
Psi Psi (digamma) functions
Bessel Bessel functions
Trig Trig functions
Fermi-Dirac Fermi-Dirac functions
Coupling Coupling functions
Clausen Clausen functions
Zeta Zeta functions
Powint Power functions
Coulomb Coulomb functions
Legendre Legendre functions
Hyperg Hypergeometric functions
Expint exponential functions
Transport Transport functions
Dilog Dilog functions
Laguerre Laguerre functions
Dawson Dawson functions
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Date 18-11-2004
SystemRequirements Gnu Scientific Library version 1.5
License GPL
Packaged Fri Dec 17 10:00:16 2004; rksh
Contributors Robin S. Hankin

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