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Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Geostatistical Modelling, Prediction and Simulation

Variogram modelling; simple, ordinary and universal point or block (co)kriging; spatio-temporal kriging; sequential Gaussian or indicator (co)simulation; variogram and variogram map plotting utility functions; supports sf and stars.

Functions in gstat

Name Description
fit.variogram Fit a Variogram Model to a Sample Variogram
krigeSTSimTB conditional/unconditional spatio-temporal simulation
krigeST Ordinary global Spatio-Temporal Kriging
hscat Produce h-scatterplot
sic2004 Spatial Interpolation Comparison 2004 data set: Natural Ambient Radioactivity
show.vgms Plot Variogram Model Functions
vgm.panel.xyplot panel functions for most of the variogram plots through lattice
image Image Gridded Coordinates in Data Frame
krigeSimCE Simulation based on circulant embedding
jura Jura data set rearrange data frame for plotting with levelplot
meuse.all Meuse river data set -- original, full data set
ossfim Kriging standard errors as function of grid spacing and block size
vgmArea point-point, point-area or area-area semivariance
krigeTg TransGaussian kriging using Box-Cox transforms
sic97 Spatial Interpolation Comparison 1997 data set: Swiss Rainfall
spplot.vcov Plot map matrix of prediction error variances and covariances
oxford Oxford soil samples
predict Multivariable Geostatistical Prediction and Simulation
progress Get or set progress indicator
vv Precomputed variogram for PM10 in data set air
vgmAreaST Function that returns the covariances for areas
walker Walker Lake sample and exhaustive data sets
tull S<U+00FC>dliche Tullnerfeld data set
fit.variogram.reml REML Fit Direct Variogram Partial Sills to Data
variogram Calculate Sample or Residual Variogram or Variogram Cloud
fulmar Fulmaris glacialis data
fit.StVariogram Fit a spatio-temporal sample variogram to a sample variogram
fit.lmc Fit a Linear Model of Coregionalization to a Multivariable Sample Variogram
variogramLine Semivariance Values For a Given Variogram Model
get.contr Calculate contrasts from multivariable predictions (co)kriging cross validation, n-fold or leave-one-out
krige Simple, Ordinary or Universal, global or local, Point or Block Kriging, or simulation.
ncp.grid Grid for the NCP, the Dutch part of the North Sea
meuse.alt Meuse river altitude data set
pcb PCB138 measurements in sediment at the NCP, the Dutch part of the North Sea
gstat-internal Gstat Internal Functions
plot.gstatVariogram Plot a sample variogram, and possibly a fitted model
variogramST Calculate Spatio-Temporal Sample Variogram
variogramSurface Semivariance values for a given spatio-temporal variogram model
plot.pointPairs Plot a point pairs, identified from a variogram cloud
vgm Generate, or Add to Variogram Model
vgmST Constructing a spatio-temporal variogram
plot.variogramCloud Plot and Identify Data Pairs on Sample Variogram Cloud
wind Ireland wind data, 1961-1978
DE_RB_2005 Spatio-temporal data set with rural background PM10 concentrations in Germany 2005
coalash Coal ash samples from a mine in Pennsylvania
fit.variogram.gls GLS fitting of variogram parameters
extractPar Extracting parameters and their names from a spatio-temporal variogram model
estiStAni Estimation of the spatio-temporal anisotropy
gstat Create gstat objects, or subset it
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