gtrendsR (version 1.3.4)

gconnect: Connect to Google account


The resulting connection object is also stored in the package-local environment from which the (internal) helper function .getDefaultConnection() retrieves it as needed.


gconnect(usr = NULL, psw = NULL, verbose = FALSE)


User name (ex.:; alternatively the environment variable GOOGLE_USER as well as options("google.user") can be used to supply the user name.
Account password; alternatively the environment variable GOOGLE_PASSWORD as well as options("google.password") can be used to supply the password.
Logical for displaying additional information


A libcurl handle is returned (invisibly).


If the environment variables GOOGLE_USER and GOOGLE_PASSWORD are set, they will be retrieved in case no argument has been supplied. Similarly, the environment variable options("google.user") or options("google.password") can be used. Lastly, if the environment variable GOOGLE_AUTOCONNECT is set to (the text string) ‘TRUE’, or the the R option options("google.autoconnect") is set to ‘TRUE’ then the connection is automatically made at package load.


## Not run: 
# # use with explicit arguments
# session <- gconnect("", "psw")
# # use with arguments stored in env.var or options()
# # this is preferred for scripts shared with others who
# # can place their secret password in a file only they know
# session <- gconnect("", "psw")
# ## End(Not run)