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Decode and Validate HEIMS Data from Department of Education, Australia

Decode elements of the Australian Higher Education Information Management System (HEIMS) data for clarity and performance. HEIMS is the record system of the Department of Education, Australia to record enrolments and completions in Australia's higher education system, as well as a range of relevant information. For more information, including the source of the data dictionary, see <http://heimshelp.education.gov.au/sites/heimshelp/dictionary/pages/data-element-dictionary>.


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Decoding and validating heims variable

Functions in heims

Name Description
browse_elements Browse elements for description
decode_heims Decode HEIMS elements
element_decoders Make HEIMS element nos human-readable
element_validation Validate HEIMS elements
heims_data_dict HEIMS data dictionary
read_heims_fst Read HEIMS data from decoded fst files
first_levels First levels
fread_heims Read raw HEIMS file
relevel_heims Relevel categorical variables
utilities Utility functions
decoders Decoders
dummy_enrol Dummy enrolment file
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