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Hexagonal Binning Routines

Binning and plotting functions for hexagonal bins. Now uses and relies on grid graphics and formal (S4) classes and methods.

Functions in hexbin

Name Description
getHMedian Get coordiantes of the median cell after the erode operation
gplot.hexbin Plotting Hexagon Cells with a Legend
grid.hexagons Add Hexagon Cells to Plot
panel.hexboxplot Boxplot for hexbin lattice plot
list2hexList Convert list to hexList
erode.hexbin Erosion of a Hexagon Count Image
hcell2xy Compute X and Y Coordinates for Hexagon Cells
NHANES NHANES Data : National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey
hexbin Bivariate Binning into Hexagon Cells
hexVP-class Formal class "hexVP" of a Hexagon Viewport
hboxplot 2-D Generalization of Boxplot
hexViewport Compute a Grid Viewport for Hexagon / Hexbin Graphics
hexplom Hexbin Plot Matrices
ColorRamps Color Ramps on Perceptually Linear Scales
smooth.hexbin Hexagon Bin Smoothing
hexList Conditional Bivariate Binning into Hexagon Cells
old-classes Class "unit" and "viewport" as S4 classes
hexMA.loess Add Loess Fit to Hexplot
hexpolygon Hexagon Coordinates and Polygon Drawing
grid.hexlegend Add a Legend to a Hexbin Plot
hexbinplot Trellis Hexbin Displays
panel.hexloess Loess line for hexbin lattice plot
hexGraphPaper Create a Hexgon Grid
panel.hexgrid Hexagonal grid for a lattice plot
hexTapply Apply function to data from each hexagon bin.
hexVP.abline Add a Straight Line to a HexPlot
hsmooth-methods Hexagon Bin Smoothing: Generic hsmooth() and Methods
hcell2xyInt Change cell ids to 2d integer coordinate system
plotMAhex MA-plot using hexagon bins
inout.hex Check points for inclusion
optShape Optimal Shape Parameter for Hexbin Viewport
hdiffplot Plot of Domain and Median Differences of Two "hexbin" Objects
pushHexport Push a Hexagon Viewport ("hexVP")
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Date 2009-09-25
Collate BTC.R BTY.R grid.hexagons.R grid.hexlegend.R hbox.R hdiffplot.R hexbinList.R hexbinplot.R hexbin.s4.R hexpanel.R hexplom.R hexPlotMA.R hexutil.R hexViewport.R HO.R LINGRAY.R LOCS.R MAG.R RB.R smoothHexbin.R
License GPL-2
Packaged 2013-01-30 04:53:05 UTC; ripley
X-CRAN-Original-Maintainer Nicholas Lewin-Koh
X-CRAN-Comment Orphaned on 2013-01-30 as the maintainer failed to respond. panel.hexloess contravened CRAN policy and has been disabled.
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2013-01-30 06:30:29

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