Formal class "hexVP" of a Hexagon Viewport

Hexagon Viewports are value-added grid viewports (see viewport) where the extra slots contain scaling and embedding information. A hexViewport is created my taking the available area in the cuurent viewport on the graphics device and maximizing the amount of area with a fied aspect ratio. The default when the shape parameter is 1, is a 1:1 aspect ratio in terms of the size of the viewport, not the scale of the x and y axis. The plotting area is centered within the existing margins and the maximum size determined. Extra area is then allocated to the margins. This viewport is replicated twice, once with clipping set to "on" and once with clipping "off". This feature can be used for toggling clipping on and off while editing the plot.

Objects from the Class

Objects are typically created by calls to hexViewport() or by low level calls of the form new("hexVP", ...).

See Also

The constructor function hexViewport. hexbin, and its S4 plotting method, gplot.hexbin.

  • hexVP-class
  • getFig,hexVP-method
  • getMargins,hexVP-method
  • getPlt,hexVP-method
  • getXscale,hexVP-method
  • getYscale,hexVP-method
example(hexViewport, echo=FALSE)
 ## continued:
Documentation reproduced from package hexbin, version 1.26.3, License: GPL-2

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