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A Wrapper for the 'Highcharts' Library

A wrapper for the 'Highcharts' library including shortcut functions to plot R objects. 'Highcharts' <http://www.highcharts.com/> is a charting library offering numerous chart types with a simple configuration syntax.


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R wrapper for highcharts. highcharter bring all the highcharts capabilites so it is recommended know how highcharts API works to take a major advantage of this package. You can look some demos charts and explore chart types, syntax and all what highcharts can do.


  • Various chart type with the same style: scatters, bubble, line, time series, heatmaps, treemap, bar charts, networks.
  • Chart various R object with one function. With hchart(x) you can chart: data.frames, numeric, histogram, character, density, factors, ts, mts, xts, stl, ohlc, acf, forecast, mforecast, ets, igraph, dist, dendrogram, phylo, survfit classes.
  • Support Highstock charts. You can create a candlestick charts in 2 lines of code. Support xts objects from the quantmod package.
  • Support Highmaps charts. It's easy to create choropleths or add information in geojson format.
  • Themes: you configurate your chart in multiples ways. There are implemented themes like economist, financial times, google, 538 among others.
  • Plugins: motion, drag points, fontawesome, url-pattern, annotations.
  • <3 and respect to Highcharts team.



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Highcharter has a dependency on Highcharts, a commercial JavaScript charting library. Highcharts offers both a commercial license as well as a free non-commercial license. Please review the licensing options and terms before using this software, as the highcharter license neither provides nor implies a license for Highcharts.

Highcharts (http://highcharts.com) is a Highsoft product which is not free for commercial and Governmental use.

Discount for highcharter users

Highsoft provide a discount to the highcharter users. It is a 50% discount on our Single Developer license. More details in http://announcements.highcharts.com/foss/.

Code of Conduct

Please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.

Functions in highcharter

Name Description
create_yaxis Creating multiples yAxis t use with highcharts
color_classes Function to create dataClasses argument in hc_colorAxis
get_hc_series_from_df Auxiliar function to get series and options from tidy frame for hchart.data.frame
hc_add_series.xts hc_add_series for xts objects
hc_add_event_point Helpers to use highcharter as input in shiny apps
hc_add_series Adding and removing series from highchart objects
hc_add_dependency Add modules or plugin dependencies to highcharts objects
hc_add_series.character hc_add_series for character and factor objects
color_stops Function to create stops argument in hc_colorAxis
colorize Create vector of color from vector
export_hc Function to export js file the configuration options
favorite_bars Marshall's Favorite Bars
hc_add_series.data.frame hc_add_series for data frames objects
datetime_to_timestamp Date to timestamps
hc_add_series_df Shortcut for tidy data frame a la ggplot2/qplot
favorite_pies Marshall's Favorite Pies
hc_add_series_boxplot Shortcut for create boxplot
hc_add_dependency_fa Helpers functions to get FontAwesome icons code
hc_add_series.lm hc_add_series for lm and loess objects
hc_add_series_map Add a map series
hc_add_series_ohlc Shortcut for create candlestick charts
hc_add_series_labels_values Shortcut for add series for pie, bar and columnn charts
hc_add_series.geo_json hc_add_series for geo_json & geo_list objects
hc_add_series_list Shortcut for data series from a list of data series
fix_1_length_data Function to avoid the jsonlite::auto_unbox default
hc_boost Setting boost module options to highcharts objects
hc_plotOptions Setting plot options to highchart objects
hc_mapNavigation Setting mapNavigation options to highmaps charts
hc_chart Setting chart options to highchart objects
hc_add_series.forecast hc_add_series for forecast objects
hc_motion Setting Motion options to highcharts objects
hc_add_series.density hc_add_series for density objects
hc_add_series_scatter Shortcut for create scatter plots
hc_rangeSelector Setting scrollbar options to highstock charts
hc_scrollbar Setting scrollbar options to highstock objects
hc_add_series_times_values Shortcut for create/add time series from times and values
hc_add_series_flags Shortcut for add flags to highstock chart
download_map_data Helper function to download the map data form a url
hc_theme_superheroes Superheroes theme for highcharts
hc_theme_ggplot2 ggplot2 theme for highcharts
hc_theme_google Google theme for highcharts
hc_series Setting series/data options from highchart objects
hc_theme_tufte Tufte theme for highcharts
hc_xAxis Setting axis options to highchart objects
hc_annotations Setting annotations to highcharts objects
hc_colorAxis Setting color Axis options to highchart objects Function to set the axis color to highcharts objects.
hc_colors Setting color options to highchart objects
hcaes Define aesthetic mappings. Similar in spirit to ggplot2::aes
hc_rm_series Removing series to highchart objects
hc_pane Setting panes options to highchart objects
hc_navigator Setting navigator options to highstock charts Options regarding the navigator: The miniseries below chart in a highstock chart.
hc_responsive Setting responsive options to highchart objects
globaltemp globaltemp
hc_add_series.numeric hc_add_series for numeric objects
hc_theme_smpl Simple theme for highcharts
hcts Shortcut to make time series or line charts
hc_accessibility Setting accessibility options to highcharts objects
hc_annotationsOptions Setting annotations options to highcharts objects
hex_to_rgba Transform colors from hexadecimal format to rgba hc notation
hc_add_series.ts hc_add_series for time series objects
highchartOutput Widget output function for use in Shiny
hc_add_series_xts Shortcut for create highstock chart from xts object
highchart_ct Highcharter Crosstalk Widget
hc_add_theme Add themes to a highchart object
hc_add_series_treemap Shortcut for create treemaps
hc_add_series_ts Shortcut for create/add time series charts from a ts object
hc_drilldown Setting drilldown options for highcharts objects
hc_theme_darkunica Dark Unica theme for highcharts
hc_theme_sparkline Sparkline theme for highcharts
hchart Create a highchart object from a particular data type
hc_theme_db Dotabuff theme for highcharts
hc_exporting Setting exporting options for highcharts objects
hc_legend Setting legend options to highchart objects
hchart.survfit Plot survival curves using Highcharts
hc_theme_economist Economist theme for highcharts
hcmap Shortcut for create map from https://code.highcharts.com/mapdata/ collection.
hc_theme_elementary Elementary (OS) theme for highcharts
hc_theme_flatdark Flatdark theme for highcharts
hcparcords Shortcut for create parallel coordinates
renderHighchart Widget render function for use in Shiny
stars stars
hc_credits Setting credits options to highchart objects
hc_elementId Setting elementId
highchart Create a Highcharts chart widget
hc_theme_538 Fivethirtyeight theme for highcharts
highcharts_demo Chart a demo for testing themes
hc_theme_ft Financial Times theme for highcharts
hc_defs Setting patterns to be used in highcharts series
hc_size Changing the size of a highchart object
hw_grid Lays out highchart widgets into a "grid", similar to grid.arrange from gridExtra
hc_theme_chalk Chalk theme for highcharts
hc_theme Highchart theme constructor
hc_theme_ffx Firefox theme for highcharts
hc_theme_null Null theme for highcharts
hc_theme_sandsignika Sand Signika theme for highcharts
hc_theme_gridlight Grid Light theme for highcharts
highchart2 Create a Highcharts chart widget
hc_theme_flat Flat theme for highcharts
hc_title Setting title and subtitle options to highchart objects
hc_theme_handdrawn Hand Drawn theme for highcharts
tooltip_table Helper for make table in tooltips
hcboxplot Shortcut to make a boxplot
hcdensity Shortcut to make density charts
hc_tooltip Setting tooltip options to highchart objects
hctreemap Shortcut for create treemaps
hc_theme_merge Merge themes
hctreemap2 Shortcut to create treemaps.
hcaes_string Define aesthetic mappings using strings. Similar in spirit to ggplot2::aes_string
is.hexcolor Check if a string vector is in hexadecimal color format
hcbar Shortcut to make a bar chart
is.highchart Reports whether x is a highchart object
hcpie Shortcut to make a pie chart
unemployment US Counties unemployment rate
str_to_id String to 'id' format
tooltip_chart Helper to create charts in tooltips.
hc_theme_monokai Monokai theme for highcharts
hchist Shortcut to make an histogram
hcspark Shortcut to make spkarlines
hciconarray Shortcut to make icon arrays charts
highcharter-exports highcharter exported operators and S3 methods
mutate_mapping Modify data frame according to mapping
list_parse Convert an object to list with identical structure
highcharter An htmlwidget interface to the Highcharts javascript chart library
random_id Function to generate iids
pokemon pokemon
worldgeojson World map in Geojson format (list)
uscountygeojson US Counties map in Geojson format (list)
usgeojson US States map in Geojson format (list)
vaccines Vaccines
weather Weather
dash_styles Get dash styles
citytemp City temperatures from a year
get_data_from_map Helper function to get the data inside the map data The urls are listed in https://code.highcharts.com/mapdata/.
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