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Data Sets for Historians

These sample data sets are intended for historians learning R. They include population, institutional, religious, military, and prosopographical data suitable for mapping, quantitative analysis, and network analysis.


historydata: datasets for historians

This R package contains datasets of interest to historians. It is primarily intended for pedagogic purposes in teaching historians how to use R.


You will have to install devtools to install this package from GitHub.

To install:


To list all the datasets in the package with their documentation:

help(package = historydata)

To load a dataset:



If you have a dataset that you think would be good for this package, feel free to contribute it. You can send the dataset via e-mail if you can provide a citation and guarantee that the data is available under an open license.

But it is much preferred that you contribute the dataset via a pull request. To add a dataset:

  1. Add the raw data and an R script to load and save it as an R data object to data-raw/. The .rda file should be saved to data/. See data-raw/sarna.R as a model. Please try keeping the data tidy.
  2. Add the documentation using the Roxygen format to a file in the R/. Use R/sarna.R as a model. Be sure to include a citation.


This project is released under the MIT License: http://lmullen.mit-license.org/

Functions in historydata

Name Description
us_state_populations Populations of US states and territories, 1790-2010
catholic_dioceses Roman Catholic dioceses in the United States, Canada, and Mexico
historydata Datasets for historians
tudors Tudor dynasty
paulist_missions Records of missions held by the Paulist Fathers, 1851--1893
early_colleges Early colleges in the United States
sarna Population estimates of American Jews
naval_promotions Promotions of U.S. Navy officers, 1798-1849
us_national_population Population of the United States, 1790-2010
judges Federal judges in the United States of America
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NeedsCompilation no
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Date/Publication 2014-12-24 06:08:09

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