The response object.

The response object captures all information from a request. It includes fields:


  • urlthe url the request was actually sent to (after redirects)
  • handlethe handle associated with the url
  • status_codethe http status code
  • headera named list of headers returned by the server
  • cookiesa named list of cookies returned by the server
  • contentthe body of the response, as raw vector. Seecontentfor various ways to access the content.
  • timerequest timing information
  • configconfiguration for the request

See Also

Other response methods: content, parsed_content, text_content; http_error, stop_for_status, warn_for_status; http_status; url_ok; url_success

  • response
Documentation reproduced from package httr, version 0.3, License: MIT + file LICENSE

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