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by Hadley Wickham

Tools for Working with URLs and HTTP

Useful tools for working with HTTP organised by HTTP verbs (GET(), POST(), etc). Configuration functions make it easy to control additional request components (authenticate(), add_headers() and so on).

Functions in httr

Name Description
oauth_callback The oauth callback url.
VERB VERB a url.
Token-class OAuth token objects.
GET GET a url.
add_headers Add additional headers to a request.
oauth_endpoint Describe an OAuth endpoint.
handle_pool Maintain a pool of handles.
parse_media Parse a media type.
cache_info Compute caching information for a response.
config Set curl options.
revoke_all Revoke all OAuth tokens in the cache.
handle Create a handle tied to a particular host.
DELETE Send a DELETE request.
authenticate Use http authentication.
httr_options List available options.
HEAD Get url HEADers.
has_content Does the request have content associated with it?
jwt_signature Generate a JWT signature given credentials.
http_status Give information on the status of a request.
set_config Set (and reset) global httr configuration.
oauth_listener Create a webserver to listen for OAuth callback.
cookies Access cookies in a response.
sign_oauth Sign an OAuth request
httr_dr Diagnose common configuration problems
http_error Check for an http error.
oauth_signature Generate oauth signature.
oauth_app Create an OAuth application.
http_condition Generate a classed http condition.
PATCH Send PATCH request to a server.
init_oauth2.0 Retrieve OAuth 2.0 access token.
with_config Execute code with configuration set.
oauth_endpoints Popular oauth endpoints.
oauth1.0_token Generate an oauth1.0 token.
verbose Give verbose output.
content_type Set content-type and accept headers.
httr httr makes http easy.
stop_for_status Take action on http error.
oauth2.0_token Generate an oauth2.0 token.
write_stream Process output in a streaming manner.
parse_http_date Parse and print http dates.
modify_url Modify a url.
PUT Send PUT request to server.
init_oauth1.0 Retrieve OAuth 1.0 access token.
sha1_hash SHA1 hash
insensitive Create a vector with case insensitive name matching.
BROWSE Open specified url in browser.
guess_media Guess the media type of a path from its extension.
headers Extract the headers from a response
hmac_sha1 HMAC SHA1
POST POST file to a server.
content Extract content from a request.
oauth_service_token Generate OAuth token for service accounts.
timeout Set maximum request time.
user_agent Set user agent.
set_cookies Set cookies.
write_disk Control where the response body is written.
use_proxy Use a proxy to connect to the internet.
oauth_exchanger Walk the user through the OAuth2 dance without a local webserver.
upload_file Upload a file with POST or PUT.
progress Add a progress bar.
write_function S3 object to define response writer.
safe_callback Generate a safe R callback.
parse_url Parse and build urls according to RFC1808.
status_code Extract status code from response.
response The response object.
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