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Miscellaneous R Functions and Aliases

Provides utility functions for, and drawing on, the 'data.table' package. The package also collates useful miscellaneous functions extending base R not available elsewhere. The name is a portmanteau of 'utils' and the author.


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Miscellaneous R functions and aliases

My name is Hugh and this is a package of functions I often put in R/utils.s. Hence, hutils.


The package attempts to provide lightweight, fast, and stable functions for common operations.

By lightweight, I mean in terms of dependencies: we import package:data.table and package:fastmatch which do require compilation, but in C. Since so many operations handle data frames, data.table seemed worthwhile -- and besides its compile time is not too onerous. Otherwise, all dependencies do not require compilation. (I also try to minimize the cardinality of package imports, but it's mostly the compile time I'm focused on.)

By fast, I mean essentially as fast as possible without using compilation.

By stable, I mean that unit tests should not change unless the major version also changes. To make this completely transparent, tests include the version of their introduction and are guaranteed to not be modified (not even in the sense of adding extra, independent tests) while the major version is 1. Tests that do not include the version in their filename may be modified from version to version (though this will be avoided).

Functions in hutils

Name Description
aliases Aliases
coalesce Find first non-missing element
auc AUC
any_grepl Does the pattern appear anywhere?
average_bearing Average of bearings
all_same_sign Determine whether a vector is all of the same sign
drop_constant_cols Drop constant columns
%ein% Exists and (not) in
duplicated_rows Return duplicated rows of data.table
%notchin% Negation of in (character)
drop_empty_cols Drop empty columns
implies #' Logical implies
isAttached Is a package attached?
dev_copy2a4 Copy device to an A4 PDF
%pin% Partial in
dir2 List many files
provide.dir Provide directory
replace_pattern_in Replace string pattern in text file
RQ Shorthand for requireNamespace
generate_LaTeX_manual Generate LaTeX manual of installed package
set_cols_first Put columns first or last
samp Safer sampler
hutils-package hutils package
%notin% Negation of in
if_else Vectorized if
find_pattern_in Find string pattern in (text) file
select_grep Select names matching a pattern
swap Swap assignment
drop_col Drop column or columns
isTrueFalse Logical assertions
longest_affix Longest common prefix/suffix
mutate_other Group infrequent entries into 'Other category'
drop_colr Drop columns whose names match a pattern
select_which Select columns satisfying a condition
ngrep Anti-grep
selector Fast selection of data.table columns
mean_na Proportion of values that are NA.
haversine_distance Distance between two points on the Earth
provide.file Provide a file
mutate_ntile Add a column of ntiles to a data table
weighted_ntile Weighted (ranked) quantiles
weighted_quantile Weighted quantile
unique-keys Unique keys
report_error Report errors and warnings
weight2rows Expand a weighted data frame to an equivalent unweighted
ahull Maximum area given x and y coordinates
Switch Vectorized switch
Mode Statistical mode
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