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The Gauss Hypergeometric Function

The Gaussian hypergeometric function for complex numbers.

Functions in hypergeo

Name Description
gosper Evaluation of the hypergeometric function using Gosper's method
hypergeo_contfrac Continued fraction expansion of the hypergeometric function
hypergeo_A_nonpos_int Hypergeometric functions for integer arguments
is.nonpos Various utilities
buhring Evaluation of the hypergeometric function using Buhring's method
shanks Evaluation of the hypergeometric function using Shanks's method
i15.3.6 Helper functions
hypergeo_cover1 Hypergeometric functions for special values of the parameters
f15.3.3 Various transformation formulae for the hypergeometric function
f15.3.1 Hypergeometric function using Euler's integral representation
wolfram Various functions taken from the Wolfram Functions Site
f15.5.1 Hypergeometric functions via direct numerical integration
residue Evaluation of the hypergeometric function using the residue theorem
complex_gamma Gamma function for complex arguments
hypergeo-package The hypergeometric function
f15.3.10 Transformations of the hypergeometric function
genhypergeo The generalized hypergeometric function
hypergeo The hypergeometric function
hypergeo_powerseries The hypergeometric function as determined by power series
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Date/Publication 2016-04-07 07:45:22

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