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by Gabor Csardi

Routines for simple graphs, network analysis.

Routines for simple graphs and network analysis. igraph can handle large graphs very well and provides functions for generating random and regular graphs, graph visualization, centrality indices and much more.

Functions in igraph

Name Description
components In- or out- component of a vertex
alpha.centrality Find Bonacich alpha centrality scores of network positions
graph.laplacian Graph Laplacian
growing.random.game Growing random graph generation
graph.density Graph density
is.igraph Is this object a graph?
layout Generate coordinates for plotting graphs
betweenness Vertex and edge betweenness centrality
transitivity Transitivity of a graph
modularity Modularity of a community structure of a graph
evcent Find Eigenvector Centrality Scores of Network Positions
closeness Closeness centrality of vertices
fastgreedy.community Community structure via greedy optimization of modularity
barabasi.game Generate scale-free graphs according to the Barabasi-Albert model
preference.game Trait-based random generation
rewire.edges Rewires the endpoints of the edges of a graph randomly
degree Degree and degree distribution of the vertices
spinglass.community Finding communities in graphs based on statistical meachanics
graph.constructors Various methods for creating graphs
read.graph Reading foreign file formats
girth Girth of a graph
decompose.graph Decompose a graph into components
Drawing graphs Drawing graphs
erdos.renyi.game Generate random graphs according to the Erdos-Renyi model
rewire Graph rewiring
watts.strogatz.game The Watts-Strogatz small-world model
rglplot 3D plotting of graphs with OpenGL
edge.betweenness.community Community structure detection based on edge betweenness
shortest.paths Shortest (directed or undirected) paths between vertices
bonpow Find Bonacich Power Centrality Scores of Network Positions
walktrap.community Community strucure via short random walks
degree.sequence.game Generate random graphs with a given degree sequence
cocitation Cocitation coupling
clusters Connected components of a graph
plot.igraph Plotting of graphs
constraint Burt's constraint
iterators Vertex and edge sequences and iterators
graph-operators Graph operators
communities Common functions supporting community detection algorithms
neighborhood Neighborhood of graph vertices
aging.prefatt.game Generate an evolving random graph with preferential attachment and aging
measure.dynamics Measuring the driving force in evolving networks
topological.sort Topological sorting of vertices in a graph
running.mean Running mean of a time series
minimum.spanning.tree Minimum spanning tree
page.rank The Page Rank algorithm
igraph-parameters Parameters for the igraph package
as.directed Convert between directed and undirected graphs
write.graph Writing the graph to a file in some format
graph-motifs Graph motifs
traits Graph generation based on different vertex types
simplify Remove loop and/or multiple edges from a graph
graph.coreness K-core decomposition of graphs
tkplot Interactive plotting of graphs
print.igraph Print graphs to the terminal
graph.structure Method for structural manipulation of graphs
subgraph Subgraph of a graph
conversion Convert a graph to an adjacency matrix or an edge list
reciprocity Reciprocity of graphs
cliques The functions find cliques, ie. complete subgraphs in a graph
graph-isomorphism Graph Isomorphism
diameter Diameter of a graph
graph.maxflow Maximum flow in a network
independent.vertex.sets Independent vertex sets
revolver Measuring the driving force in evolving networks
edge.connectivity Edge connectivity.
layout.merge Merging graph layouts
power.law.fit Fitting a power-law distribution function to discrete data
graph.graphdb Load a graph from the graph database for testing graph isomorphism.
leading.eigenvector.community Community structure detecting based on the leading eigenvector of the community matrix
igraph.sample Sampling a random integer sequence
attributes Graph, vertex and edge attributes
structure.info Gaining information about graph structure
grg.game Geometric random graphs
vertex.connectivity Vertex connectivity.
igraph.undocumented Undocumented and unsupportted igraph functions
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Date Oct 3, 2007
License GPL version 2 or later (June, 1991)
URL http://cneurocvs.rmki.kfki.hu/igraph
Packaged Wed Oct 3 17:09:38 2007; csardi
suggests rgl , stats4 , tcltk
depends stats
Contributors Gabor Csardi

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