installr (version 0.22.0)

install.Rtools: Downloads and installs Rtools


Allows the user to choose, downloads and install - the latest version of Rtools for Windows. By default, the function searches if RTools is installed, if not, it checks if it knows which version to isntall for the current R version, and if not - it asks the user to choose which Rtools version to install.


install.Rtools(choose_version = TRUE, check = FALSE, GUI = TRUE,
  page_with_download_url = "",



if TRUE, allows the user to choose which version of RTools to install. Useful if you wish to install the devel version of RTools, or if you are running on an old version of R which requires an old version of R.


checks if we need to install Rtools or not. Relies on the "find_rtools" function in the devtools package.


Should a GUI be used when asking the user questions? (defaults to TRUE)


the URL of the RTools download page.


extra parameters to pass to install.URL


invisible(TRUE/FALSE) - was the installation successful or not.


RTools is a collection of software for building packages for R under Microsoft Windows, or for building R itself (version 1.9.0 or later). The original collection was put together by Prof. Brian Ripley; it is currently being maintained by Duncan Murdoch.


RTools homepage (for other resources and documentation):


Run this code
install.Rtools() # installs the latest version of RTools (if one is needed)
install.Rtools(TRUE) # if one is needed - asks the user to choose the latest 
# version of RTools to install

install.Rtools(TRUE, FALSE) # asks the user to choose 
# the latest version of RTools to install 
# (regardless if one is needed)
# install.Rtools(F,F)

# }

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