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by Gabor Csardi

The Iterative Signature Algorithm

The ISA is a biclustering algorithm that finds modules in an input matrix. A module or bicluster is a block of the reordered input matrix.

Functions in isa2

Name Description Generate in-silico input data for biclustering algorithms
generate.seeds Generate seed vectors for the Iterative Signature Algorithm Generate in-silico input data for testing the PPA algorithm
isa.option Options for the isa package
isa.iterate The Iterative Signature Algorithm
robustness Robustness of ISA biclusters and PPA co-modules
ppa.iterate The Ping-Pong Algorithm
plotModules Image plots of biclusters
isa.sweep Create a hierarchical structure of ISA biclusters
ppa.unique Filter co-modules that are very similar to each other
isa2-package The isa package
isa.normalize Normalize input data for use with ISA
ppa.normalize Normalize input data for use with the PPA
isa Iterative Signature Algorithm
isa.biclust Convert ISA modules to a Biclust class, as defined by the biclust package
isa.unique Filter out biclusters that are very similar to each other
ppa The Ping-Pong Algorithm
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License CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
Packaged 2015-04-08 21:15:11 UTC; gaborcsardi
NeedsCompilation yes
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2015-04-09 01:05:31

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