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Iterator Tools

Various tools for creating iterators, many patterned after functions in the Python itertools module, and others patterned after functions in the 'snow' package.

Functions in itertools

Name Description
ibreak Create an iterator that can be told to stop
isplitIndices Create an iterator of indices
writedf.combiner Create an object that contains a combiner function
iRNGStream Iterators that support parallel RNG
isplitVector Create an iterator that splits a vector
izip Create an iterator over multiple iterables
isplitCols Create an iterator that splits a matrix into block columns
iarray Create an iterator over an array
ilimit Create a limited iterator
is.iterator Utilities for writing iterators
timeout Create a timeout iterator
ichunk Create a chunking iterator
ifilter Create a filtering iterator
irepeat Create a repeating iterator
recycle Create a recycling iterator
ireadBin Create an iterator to read binary data from a connection
ihasNext Create an iterator that supports the hasNext method
itertools-package The itertools Package
isplitRows Create an iterator that splits a matrix into block rows
hasNext Does This Iterator Have A Next Element
chain Create a chaining iterator
product Create a cartesian product iterator
irep Create a repeating iterator
ireaddf Create an iterator to read data frames from files
enumerate Create an enumeration object
irecord Record and replay iterators
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Date/Publication 2014-03-12 00:20:01
Packaged 2014-02-27 23:36:25 UTC; rforge
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