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by Jeroen Ooms

A Robust, High Performance JSON Parser and Generator for R

A fast JSON parser and generator optimized for statistical data and the web. Started out as a fork of 'RJSONIO', but has been completely rewritten in recent versions. The package offers flexible, robust, high performance tools for working with JSON in R and is particularly powerful for building pipelines and interacting with a web API. The implementation is based on the mapping described in the vignette (Ooms, 2014). In addition to converting JSON data from/to R objects, 'jsonlite' contains functions to stream, validate, and prettify JSON data. The unit tests included with the package verify that all edge cases are encoded and decoded consistently for use with dynamic data in systems and applications.

Functions in jsonlite

Name Description
prettify, minify Prettify or minify a JSON string
toJSON, fromJSON Convert R objects to/from JSON
stream_in, stream_out Streaming JSON input/output
serializeJSON serialize R objects to JSON
read_json Read/write JSON
rbind.pages Combine pages into a single data frame
validate Validate JSON
unbox Unbox a vector or data frame
flatten Flatten nested data frames
base64 Encode/decode base64
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License MIT + file LICENSE
NeedsCompilation yes
URL https://arxiv.org/abs/1403.2805, https://www.opencpu.org/posts/jsonlite-a-smarter-json-encoder
BugReports http://github.com/jeroenooms/jsonlite/issues
VignetteBuilder knitr, R.rsp
Packaged 2016-12-30 12:11:00 UTC; jeroen
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2016-12-31 00:36:55

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