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Kernel Methods Lab

Kernel-based machine learning methods for classification, regression, clustering, novelty detection, quantile regression and dimensionality reduction. Among other methods kernlab includes Support Vector Machines, Spectral Clustering, Kernel PCA and a QP solver.

Functions in kernlab

Name Description
gausspr Gaussian processes for regression and classification
inchol-class Class "inchol"
csi Cholesky decomposition with Side Information
lssvm Least Squares Support Vector Machine
kha-class Class "kha"
predict.kqr Predict method for kernel Quantile Regression object
kcca Kernel Canonical Correlation Analysis
income Income Data
ranking-class Class "ranking"
promotergene E. coli promoter gene sequences (DNA)
plot plot method for support vector object
dots Kernel Functions
kpca Kernel Principal Components Analysis
kfa-class Class "kfa"
onlearn Kernel Online Learning algorithms
kqr Kernel Quantile Regression.
sigest Hyperparameter estimation for the Gaussian Radial Basis kernel
kernelMatrix Kernel Matrix functions
predict.gausspr predict method for Gaussian Processes object
kha Kernel Principal Components Analysis
rvm Relevance Vector Machine
ipop Quadratic Programming Solver
predict.ksvm predict method for support vector object
ranking Ranking
rvm-class Class "rvm"
couple Probabilities Coupling function
kfa Kernel Feature Analysis
ksvm Support Vector Machines
ticdata The Insurance Company Data
inlearn Onlearn object initialization
kqr-class Class "kqr"
kpca-class Class "kpca"
ksvm-class Class "ksvm"
vm-class Class "vm"
inchol Incomplete Cholesky decomposition
onlearn-class Class "onlearn"
specc Spectral Clustering
lssvm-class Class "lssvm"
csi-class Class "csi"
kcca-class Class "kcca"
as.kernelMatrix Assing kernelMatrix class to matrix objects
gausspr-class Class "gausspr"
kkmeans Kernel k-means
ipop-class Class "ipop"
musk Musk data set
spirals Spirals Dataset
kernel-class Class "kernel" "rbfkernel" "polykernel", "tanhkernel", "vanillakernel"
prc-class Class "prc"
spam Spam E-mail Database
specc-class Class "specc"
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License GPL version 2
Packaged Mon May 7 12:42:35 2007; hornik

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