R Markdown with the Docco Linear Style

This is an example of Markdown vignettes using the Docco style.


To use the Docco style for Markdown vignettes in an R package, you need to

  • add *.Rmd files under the vignettes directory
  • add Suggests: knitr and VignetteBuilder: knitr to the DESCRIPTION file
  • specify the vignette engine \VignetteEngine{knitr::docco_linear} in the Rmd files (inside HTML comments)

After building and installing the package, you can view vignettes via

browseVignettes(package = 'Your_Package')


Below are some code chunks as examples.

cat('_hello_ **markdown**!', '\n')

Normally you do not need any chunk options.

1+1 10:1 rnorm(5)^2 strsplit('hello, markdown vignettes', '')

Feel free to draw beautiful plots and write math $P(X>x)=\alpha/2$.

n=300; set.seed(123) par(mar=c(4,4,.1,.1)) plot(rnorm(n), rnorm(n), pch=21, cex=5*runif(n), col='white', bg='gray')

How does it work

The markdown package (>= v0.6.2) supports custom HTML templates, and the docco engine in knitr uses a custom template to compile Markdown to HTML:

knit2html(..., markdown.HTML.template = system.file('misc', 'docco-template.html', package='knitr'))

That is it.