Package vignette engines

Since R 3.0.0, package vignettes can use non-Sweave engines, and knitr has provided a few engines to compile vignettes via knit() with different templates. See for more information.


If you use the knitr::rmarkdown engine, please make sure that you put rmarkdown in the Suggests field of your DESCRIPTION file. Also make sure the executables pandoc and pandoc-citeproc can be found by rmarkdown during R CMD build. If you build your package from RStudio, this is normally not a problem. If you build the package outside RStudio, run which pandoc and which pandoc-citeproc in the terminal (or Sys.which('pandoc') and Sys.which('pandoc-citeproc') in R) to check if pandoc and pandoc-citeproc can be found. If you use Linux, you may make symlinks to the Pandoc binaries in RStudio:, or install pandoc and pandoc-citeproc separately.

When the rmarkdown package is not installed or not available, or pandoc or pandoc-citeproc cannot be found, the knitr::rmarkdown engine will fall back to the knitr::knitr engine, which uses R Markdown v1 based on the markdown package.

  • vignette_engines
vig_list = tools::vignetteEngine(package = "knitr")
vig_list[["knitr::knitr"]][c("weave", "tangle")]
vig_list[["knitr::knitr_notangle"]][c("weave", "tangle")]
vig_list[["knitr::docco_classic"]][c("weave", "tangle")]
# }
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