Chunk Options

opts_chunk controls global chunk options, e.g. opts_chunk$set(tidy = FALSE), which can be overridden by local chunk options. See all options at; some frequently used options:

eval : whether to evaluate the chunk

echo : whether to echo source code

results : 'markup', 'asis', 'hold', 'hide'

tidy : whether to reformat R code

cache : whether to cache results

fig.width, fig.height, out.width, out.height : device and output size of figures

include : whether to include the chunk results in output

child : filenames of child documents

engine : language name (R, python, ...)


knit() : the main function in this package; knit input document and write output

purl() : extract R code from an input document

spin() : spin goat's hair (an R script with roxygen comments) into wool (a literate programming document to be passed to knit())

stitch() : insert an R script into a template and compile the document

knit_hooks$set() : set or reset chunk and output hooks