Convert Sweave to knitr documents

This function converts an Sweave document to a knitr-compatible document.

Sweave2knitr(file, output = gsub("[.]([^.]+)$", "-knitr.\\1", file),
  text = NULL)

Path to the Rnw file (must be encoded in UTF-8).


Output file path. By default, file.Rnw produces file-knitr.Rnw); if text is not NULL, no output file will be produced.


An alternative way to provide the Sweave code as a character string. If text is provided, file will be ignored.


The pseudo command \SweaveInput{file.Rnw} is converted to a code chunk header <<child='file.Rnw'>>=.

Similarly \SweaveOpts{opt = value} is converted to a code chunk opts_chunk$set(opt = value) with the chunk option include = FALSE; the options are automatically fixed in the same way as local chunk options (explained below).

The Sweave package \usepackage{Sweave} in the preamble is removed because it is not required.

Chunk options are updated if necessary: option values true and false are changed to TRUE and FALSE respectively; fig=TRUE is removed because it is not necessary for knitr (plots will be automatically generated); fig=FALSE is changed to fig.keep='none'; the devices pdf/jpeg/png/eps/tikz=TRUE are converted to dev='pdf'/'jpeg'/'png'/'postscript'/'tikz'; pdf/jpeg/png/eps/tikz=FALSE are removed; results=tex/verbatim/hide are changed to results='asis'/'markup'/'hide'; width/height are changed to fig.width/fig.height; prefix.string is changed to fig.path; print/term/prefix=TRUE/FALSE are removed; most of the character options (e.g. engine and out.width) are quoted; keep.source=TRUE/FALSE is changed to tidy=FALSE/TRUE (note the order of values).

If a line @ (it closes a chunk) directly follows a previous @, it is removed; if a line @ appears before a code chunk and no chunk is before it, it is also removed, because knitr only uses one @ after <<>>= by default (which is not the original Noweb syntax but more natural).


If text is NULL, the output file is written and NULL is returned. Otherwise, the converted text string is returned.


If \SweaveOpts{} spans across multiple lines, it will not be fixed, and you have to fix it manually. The LaTeX-style syntax of Sweave chunks are ignored (see ?SweaveSyntaxLatex); only the Noweb syntax is supported.


The motivation of the changes in the syntax: https://yihui.name/knitr/demo/sweave/

See Also

Sweave, gsub

  • Sweave2knitr
Sweave2knitr(text = "<<echo=TRUE>>=")  # this is valid
Sweave2knitr(text = "<<png=true>>=")  # dev='png'
Sweave2knitr(text = "<<eps=TRUE, pdf=FALSE, results=tex, width=5, prefix.string=foo>>=")
Sweave2knitr(text = "<<,png=false,fig=TRUE>>=")
Sweave2knitr(text = "\\SweaveOpts{echo=false}")
Sweave2knitr(text = "\\SweaveInput{hello.Rnw}")
# Sweave example in utils
testfile = system.file("Sweave", "Sweave-test-1.Rnw", package = "utils")
Sweave2knitr(testfile, output = "Sweave-test-knitr.Rnw")
if (interactive()) knit("Sweave-test-knitr.Rnw")  # or knit2pdf() directly
# }
Documentation reproduced from package knitr, version 1.26, License: GPL

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