Options for the knitr package

Options including whether to use a progress bar when knitting a document, and the base directory of images, etc.


Besides the standard usage (opts_knit$set()), we can also set package options prior to loading knitr or calling knit() using options() in base R. A global option knitr.package.foo in options() will be set as an option foo in opts_knit, i.e. global options in base R with the prefix knitr.package. correspond to options in opts_knit. This can be useful to set package options in ~/.Rprofile without loading knitr.

Below is a list of default package options, retrieved via opts_knit$get():

[results=verbatim]{str(knitr::opts_knit$get())} opts_knit$get("verbose") opts_knit$set(verbose = TRUE) # change it if (interactive()) { # for unnamed chunks, use 'fig' as the figure prefix opts_knit$set(unnamed.chunk.label = "fig") knit("001-minimal.Rmd") # from https://github.com/yihui/knitr-examples } Usage: http://yihui.name/knitr/objects

A list of available options: http://yihui.name/knitr/options#package_options datasets


List of 4 $ get :function (name, default = FALSE, drop = TRUE) $ set :function (...) $ merge :function (values) $ restore:function (target = value)

  • opts_knit
Documentation reproduced from package knitr, version 1.9, License: GPL

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