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Manipulating Labelled Data

Work with labelled data imported from 'SPSS' or 'Stata' with 'haven' or 'foreign'.


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Labelled package for R

This package is built on the new class labelled introduced by haven package and propose additional functions to manipulate labelled data.

Please note that this package is still under active development.

Missing values are currently not supported anymore by labelled package.


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Introduction to labelled


Some general principles

  1. Functions are intented to support labelled metadata structures only. However, to_labelled method allows to convert metadata from foreign and memisc packages.
  2. Functions should, by default, modify metadata only (i.e. classes and attributes), except if explicitly expressed by the user.

Functions in labelled

Name Description method for labelled vectors
copy_labels Copy variable and value labels
val_labels_to_na Recode value labels to NA
val_labels Get / Set value labels
mean.labelled Arithmetic mean for numeric labelled vectors
na_values Get / Set SPSS missing values
nolabel_to_na Recode values with no label to NA
remove_labels Remove variable label, value labels and user defined missing values
to_factor Convert input to a factor.
to_labelled Convert to labelled data
labelled_spss Create a labelled vector with SPSS style of missing values.
labelled Create a labelled vector.
var_label Get / Set a variable label
to_character Convert input to a character vector
sort_val_labels Sort value labels
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Date 2016-11-20
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Date/Publication 2016-11-20 17:30:53

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