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Landscape Metrics for Categorical Map Patterns

Calculates landscape metrics for categorical landscape patterns in a tidy workflow. 'landscapemetrics' reimplements the most common metrics from 'FRAGSTATS' (<>) and new ones from the current literature on landscape metrics. This package supports 'raster' spatial objects and takes RasterLayer, RasterStacks, RasterBricks or lists of RasterLayer from the 'raster' package as input arguments. It further provides utility functions to visualize patches, select metrics and building blocks to develop new metrics.

Functions in landscapemetrics

Name Description
get_adjacencies get_adjacencies
get_patches get_patches
get_unique_values get_unique_values
get_boundaries get_boundaries
lsm_c_ai AI (class level)
lsm_c_clumpy CLUMPY (class level)
fragstats_patch_podlasie Fragstats results for landscapemetrics::podlasie (patch level)
lsm_c_circle_sd CIRCLE_SD (Class level)
lsm_c_area_cv AREA_CV (class level)
fragstats_patch_landscape Fragstats results for landscapemetrics::landscape (patch level)
fragstats_landscape_augusta_nlcd Fragstats results for landscapemetrics::augusta_nlcd (landscape level)
get_circumscribingcircle get_circumscribingcircle
lsm_c_dcore_cv DCORE_CV (class level)
lsm_c_dcad DCAD (class level)
check_landscape Check input landscape
lsm_c_area_sd AREA_SD (class level)
fragstats_patch_augusta_nlcd Fragstats results for landscapemetrics::augusta_nlcd (patch level)
lsm_c_area_mn AREA_MN (class level)
lsm_c_circle_cv CIRCLE_CV (Class level)
lsm_c_cohesion COHESION (class level)
lsm_c_contig_cv CONTIG_CV (class level)
lsm_c_frac_mn FRAC_MN (class level)
fragstats_landscape_landscape Fragstats results for landscapemetrics::landscape (landscape level)
fragstats_landscape_podlasie Fragstats results for landscapemetrics::podlasie_ccilc (landscape level)
list_lsm List landscape metrics
lsm_c_gyrate_sd GYRATE_SD (class level)
lsm_c_pd PD (class level)
lsm_c_frac_sd FRAC_SD (class level)
lsm_c_iji Interspersion and Juxtaposition index (class level)
lsm_c_contig_mn CONTIG_MN (class level)
lsm_l_cai_cv CAI_CV (landscape level)
lsm_c_pladj PLADJ (class level)
lsm_l_area_sd AREA_SD (landscape level)
lsm_abbreviations_names Tibble of abbreviations coming from FRAGSTATS
get_nearestneighbour get_nearestneighbour
lsm_l_contig_sd CONTIG_SD (landscape level)
lsm_c_contig_sd CONTIG_SD (class level)
lsm_c_circle_mn CIRCLE_MN (Class level)
lsm_l_core_cv CORE_CV (landscape level)
landscape Example map (random cluster neutral landscape model).
lsm_c_cai_sd CAI_SD (class level)
lsm_c_cai_mn CAI_MN (class level)
lsm_c_core_cv CORE_CV (class level)
lsm_c_core_mn CORE_MN (class level)
landscapemetrics landscapemetrics
lsm_c_dcore_sd DCORE_SD (class level)
lsm_l_enn_cv ENN_CV (landscape level)
lsm_c_frac_cv FRAC_CV (class level)
lsm_c_enn_sd ENN_SD (class level)
lsm_c_dcore_mn DCORE_MN (class level)
lsm_c_lpi LPI (class level)
lsm_c_shape_mn SHAPE_MN (class level)
lsm_l_area_cv AREA_CV (landscape level)
lsm_c_shape_sd SHAPE_SD (class level)
lsm_c_lsi LSI (class level)
lsm_l_enn_mn ENN_MN (landscape level)
lsm_l_area_mn AREA_MN (landscape level)
lsm_l_condent Conditional entropy (landscape level)
lsm_l_ent ENT (landscape level)
lsm_l_contag CONTAG (landscape level)
lsm_l_enn_sd ENN_SD (landscape level)
lsm_c_core_sd CORE_SD (class level)
lsm_c_cpland CPLAND (class level)
lsm_c_cai_cv CAI_CV (class level)
lsm_c_ca CA (class level)
lsm_c_gyrate_cv GYRATE_CV (class level)
lsm_l_frac_cv FRAC_CV (landscape level)
lsm_c_division DIVISION (class level)
lsm_c_enn_cv ENN_CV (class level)
lsm_c_nlsi nLSI (class level)
lsm_c_gyrate_mn GYRATE_MN (class level)
lsm_l_gyrate_sd GYRATE_SD (landscape level)
lsm_l_gyrate_mn GYRATE_MN (landscape level)
lsm_c_split SPLIT (class level)
lsm_c_np NP (class level)
lsm_c_tca TCA (class level)
lsm_l_cai_mn CAI_MN (landscape level)
lsm_c_ed ED (class level)
lsm_l_frac_mn FRAC_MN (landscape level)
lsm_l_cai_sd CAI_SD (landscape level)
lsm_l_core_sd CORE_SD (landscape level)
lsm_l_frac_sd FRAC_SD (landscape level)
lsm_l_dcore_mn DCORE_MN (landscape level)
lsm_l_dcore_sd DCORE_SD (landscape level)
lsm_l_core_mn CORE_MN (landscape level)
lsm_l_shdi SHDI (landscape level)
lsm_l_ndca NDCA (landscape level)
lsm_l_np NP (landscape level)
lsm_l_msiei MSIEI (landscape level)
lsm_c_enn_mn ENN_MN (class level)
lsm_l_gyrate_cv GYRATE_CV (landscape level)
lsm_l_shei SHEI (landscape level)
lsm_l_para_sd PARA_SD (landscape level)
lsm_l_para_mn PARA_MN (landscape level)
lsm_c_mesh MESH (class level)
lsm_c_para_mn PARA_MN (class level)
lsm_c_ndca NDCA (class level)
lsm_c_para_sd PARA_SD (class level)
lsm_l_circle_mn CIRCLE_MN (landscape level)
lsm_l_circle_cv CIRCLE_CV (landscape level)
lsm_l_rpr RPD (landscape level)
lsm_l_contig_cv CONTIG_CV (landscape level)
lsm_l_sidi SIDI (landscape level)
lsm_l_shape_cv SHAPE_CV (landscape level)
lsm_l_contig_mn CONTIG_MN (landscape level)
lsm_l_lsi LSI (landscape level)
lsm_l_division DIVISION (landscape level)
lsm_l_pafrac PAFRAC (landscape level)
lsm_l_ed ED (landscape level)
lsm_l_lpi LPI (landscape level)
lsm_l_siei SIEI (landscape level)
lsm_l_split SPLIT (landscape level)
matrix_to_raster matrix_to_raster
lsm_l_ta TA (landscape level)
lsm_p_frac FRAC (patch level)
lsm_c_pafrac PAFRAC (class level)
lsm_l_pladj PLADJ (landscape level)
lsm_l_tca TCA (landscape level)
lsm_l_te TE (landscape level)
lsm_l_pd PD (landscape level)
lsm_l_para_cv PARA_CV (landscape level)
lsm_p_ncore NCORE (patch level)
rcpp_create_neighborhood Create neighborhood coordinates
lsm_p_para PARA (patch level)
rcpp_cell_from_xy Get cell number
options_landscapemetrics options_landscapemetrics
pad_raster pad_raster
show_correlation Show correlation
lsm_l_mutinf MUTINF (landscape level)
lsm_l_pr PR (landscape level)
show_lsm Show landscape metrics
lsm_c_para_cv PARA_CV (class level)
podlasie_ccilc Podlasie ESA CCI LC
lsm_l_prd PRD (landscape level)
lsm_p_contig CONTIG (patch level)
lsm_p_shape SHAPE (patch level)
show_patches Show patches
lsm_p_perim PERIM (patch level)
rcpp_get_nearest_neighbor First nearest neighbor distance
lsm_p_circle CIRCLE (patch level)
spatialize_lsm spatialize_lsm
rcpp_xy_from_matrix Coordinates from a matrix
scale_window scale_window
sample_lsm sample_lsm
show_cores Show core area
lsm_p_gyrate GYRATE (patch level)
scale_sample scale_sample
lsm_c_pland PLAND (class level)
lsm_c_shape_cv SHAPE_CV (class level)
lsm_c_te TE (class level)
lsm_l_ai AI (landscape level)
lsm_l_circle_sd CIRCLE_SD (landscape level)
lsm_l_dcore_cv DCORE_CV (landscape level)
lsm_l_iji Interspersion and Juxtaposition index (landscape level)
lsm_l_cohesion COHESION (landscape level)
lsm_l_mesh MESH (landscape level)
lsm_l_joinent JOINENT (landscape level)
lsm_l_dcad DCAD (landscape level)
lsm_l_msidi MSIDI (landscape level)
lsm_p_area AREA (patch level)
lsm_l_shape_mn SHAPE_MN (landscape level)
lsm_l_shape_sd SHAPE_SD (landscape level)
lsm_p_cai CAI (patch level)
lsm_p_enn ENN (patch level)
unpad_raster unpad_raster
lsm_p_core CORE (patch level)
proj_info proj_info
raster_to_points raster_to_points
window_lsm window_lsm
calculate_lsm calculate_lsm
calculate_correlation Calculate correlation
data_info data_info
extract_lsm extract_lsm
augusta_nlcd Augusta NLCD 2011
construct_buffer construct_buffer
fragstats_class_augusta_nlcd Fragstats results for landscapemetrics::augusta_nlcd (class level)
fragstats_class_podlasie Fragstats results for landscapemetrics::podlasie (class level)
fragstats_class_landscape Fragstats results for landscapemetrics::landscape (class level)
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Type Package
License GPL-3
LinkingTo Rcpp, RcppArmadillo
ByteCompile true
Encoding UTF-8
LazyData true
RoxygenNote 7.1.0
SystemRequirements C++11
VignetteBuilder knitr
NeedsCompilation yes
Packaged 2020-05-14 10:50:25 UTC; Maximilian
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-05-15 14:40:02 UTC

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