Panel Function for Display Marked by groups

These are panel functions for Trellis displays useful when a grouping variable is specified for use within panels. The x (and y where appropriate) variables are plotted with different graphical parameters for each distinct value of the grouping variable.

panel.superpose(x, y = NULL, subscripts, groups,
                panel.groups = "panel.xyplot",
                col, col.line, col.symbol,
                pch, cex, fill, font,
                fontface, fontfamily,
                lty, lwd, alpha,
                type = "p",
                distribute.type = FALSE)
panel.superpose.2(..., distribute.type = TRUE)

panel.superpose and panel.superpose.2 differ essentially in how type is interpreted by default. The default behaviour in panel.superpose is the opposite of that in S, which is the same as that of panel.superpose.2.

See Also

Different functions when used as panel.groups gives different types of plots, for example panel.xyplot, panel.dotplot and panel.linejoin (This can be used to produce interaction plots).

See Lattice for an overview of the package.

Documentation reproduced from package lattice, version 0.17-10, License: GPL (>= 2)

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