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Trellis Graphics for R

A powerful and elegant high-level data visualization system inspired by Trellis graphics, with an emphasis on multivariate data. Lattice is sufficient for typical graphics needs, and is also flexible enough to handle most nonstandard requirements. See ?Lattice for an introduction.



Lattice is a powerful and elegant high-level data visualization system for R, inspired by Trellis graphics. It is designed with an emphasis on multivariate data, and in particular allows easy conditioning to produce "small multiple" plots. Lattice is sufficient for typical graphics needs, and is also flexible enough to handle most nonstandard requirements.

Functions in lattice

Name Description
H_barley Yield data from a Minnesota barley trial
B_07_cloud 3d Scatter Plot and Wireframe Surface Plot
D_draw.colorkey Produce a Colorkey for levelplot
D_level.colors A function to compute false colors representing a numeric or categorical variable
B_06_levelplot Level plots and contour plots
A_01_Lattice Lattice Graphics
G_Rows Extract rows from a list
G_banking Banking
D_draw.key Produce a Legend or Key
B_02_barchart.table table methods for barchart and dotplot
H_USMortality Mortality Rates in US by Cause and Gender
F_1_panel.bwplot Default Panel Function for bwplot
G_axis.default Default axis annotation utilities Default Panel Function for cloud
F_2_llines Replacements of traditional graphics functions
F_1_panel.xyplot Default Panel Function for xyplot
F_3_prepanel.default Default Prepanel Functions
B_03_histogram Histograms and Kernel Density Plots
H_environmental Atmospheric environmental conditions in New York City
F_1_panel.levelplot Panel Functions for levelplot and contourplot
E_interaction Functions to Interact with Lattice Plots
H_ethanol Engine exhaust fumes from burning ethanol
F_2_panel.loess Panel Function to Add a LOESS Smooth
I_lset Interface to modify Trellis Settings - Defunct
D_strip.default Default Trellis Strip Function
B_09_tmd Tukey Mean-Difference Plot
C_02_trellis.par.get Graphical Parameters for Trellis Displays
C_06_update.trellis Retrieve and Update Trellis Object
C_04_lattice.options Low-level Options Controlling Behaviour of Lattice
G_latticeParseFormula Parse Trellis formula
D_make.groups Grouped data from multiple vectors
H_melanoma Melanoma skin cancer incidence
B_11_oneway Fit One-way Model
G_packet.panel.default Associating Packets with Panels
D_trellis.object A Trellis Plot Object
C_01_trellis.device Initializing Trellis Displays
B_01_xyplot.ts Time series plotting methods
F_2_panel.qqmathline Useful panel function with qqmath
G_panel.axis Panel Function for Drawing Axis Ticks and Labels
F_2_panel.smoothScatter Lattice panel function analogous to smoothScatter
F_1_panel.barchart Default Panel Function for barchart
F_1_panel.parallel Default Panel Function for parallel
F_3_prepanel.functions Useful Prepanel Function for Lattice
F_2_panel.functions Useful Panel Function Components
F_1_panel.densityplot Default Panel Function for densityplot
F_1_panel.qqmath Default Panel Function for qqmath
B_05_qq Quantile-Quantile Plots of Two Samples
F_1_panel.histogram Default Panel Function for histogram
B_04_qqmath Q-Q Plot with Theoretical Distribution
C_05_print.trellis Plot and Summarize Trellis Objects
F_1_panel.dotplot Default Panel Function for dotplot
F_2_panel.superpose Panel Function for Display Marked by groups
F_2_panel.violin Panel Function to create Violin Plots
B_10_rfs Residual and Fit Spread Plots
D_simpleKey Function to generate a simple key
C_07_shingles shingles
C_03_simpleTheme Function to generate a simple theme
G_panel.number Accessing Auxiliary Information During Plotting
F_1_panel.pairs Default Superpanel Function for splom
F_2_panel.spline Panel Function to Add a Spline Smooth
F_1_panel.stripplot Default Panel Function for stripplot
H_singer Heights of New York Choral Society singers
B_08_splom Scatter Plot Matrices
G_utilities.3d Utility functions for 3-D plots
B_00_xyplot Common Bivariate Trellis Plots
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