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Extra Graphical Utilities Based on Lattice

Building on the infrastructure provided by the lattice package, this package provides several new high-level functions and methods, as well as additional utilities such as panel and axis annotation functions.

Functions in latticeExtra

Name Description
c.trellis Merge trellis objects, using same or different scales
as.layer Overlay panels of Trellis plots on same or different scales
panel.3dmisc Miscellanous panel utilities for three dimensional Trellis Displays
doubleYScale Draw two plot series with different y scales
panel.smoother Plot a smoothing line with standard error bounds.
panel.voronoi Panel functions for level-coded irregular points
gvhd10 Flow cytometry data from five samples from a patient
panel.ellipse Lattice panel function to fit and draw a confidence ellipsoid from bivariate data.
biocAccess Hourly access attempts to Bioconductor website
layer Add layers to a lattice plot, optionally using a new data source
combineLimits Combine axis limits across margins
ancestry Modal ancestry by County according to US 2000 Census
dendrogramGrob Create a Grob Representing a Dendrogram
panel.scaleArrow Draw a scale bar as an arrow, labelled with its length in plot units.
panel.segplot Default prepanel and panel functions for segplot
scale.components Custom lattice axis scales
mapplot Trellis displays on Maps a.k.a. Choropleth maps
marginal.plot Display marginal distributions
panel.quantile Plot a quantile regression line with standard error bounds.
panel.lmlineq Draw a line with a label, by default its equation
SeatacWeather Daily Rainfall and Temperature at the Seattle-Tacoma Airport
ecdfplot Trellis Displays of Empirical CDF
custom.theme Create a lattice theme based on specified colors
panel.tskernel Calculate and plot smoothed time series.
rootogram Trellis Displays of Tukey's Hanging Rootograms
resizePanels Resize panels to match data scales
panel.2dsmoother Plot a smooth approximation of z over x and y.
panel.qqmath.tails Approximate distribution in qqmath but keep points on tails.
USAge US national population estimates
panel.key Draw a simple key inside a panel of a lattice plot.
useOuterStrips Put Strips on the Boundary of a Lattice Display
EastAuClimate Climate of the East Coast of Australia
tileplot Plot a spatial mosaic from irregular 2D points
panel.xblocks Plot contiguous blocks along x axis.
segplot Plot segments using the Trellis framework
xyplot.stl Display stl fits with Lattice
horizonplot Plot many time series in parallel
theEconomist.theme Generate plots with style like The Economist.
postdoc Reasons for Taking First Postdoctoral Appointment
panel.xyarea Plot series as filled polygons.
USCancerRates Rate of Death Due to Cancer in US Counties
ggplot2like.theme A ggplot2-like theme for Lattice
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Date 2016-01-09
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NeedsCompilation no
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