latticeExtra (version 0.6-29)

panel.segplot: Default prepanel and panel functions for segplot


Draws line segments or rectangles. Mainly intended to be used in conjunction with the segplot function.


prepanel.segplot(x, y, z, subscripts, horizontal = TRUE, ...)

panel.segplot(x, y, z, level = NULL, subscripts, at, draw.bands = is.factor(z), col, alpha, lty, lwd, border, col.symbol = col, alpha.symbol = alpha, col.regions = regions$col, band.height = 0.6, horizontal = TRUE, ..., = panel.segments, centers = NULL, pch = 16)


x, y, z

Vectors corresponding to x1, x2 and y respectively in the segplot formula. The names are different for compatibility with panel.levelplot. These are all the original vectors in data, not subsetted for particular panels.


optional vector controlling color of segments


optional vector of ‘centers’ of the segments. If specified, points will be plotted at these y-locations.


plotting character used for centers.


integer subscript to be used as an indexing vector for x, y, z and level, giving the packet for the current panel.


logical, whether the segments are to be drawn horizontally (the default) or vertically. This essentially swaps the role of the x- and y-axes in each panel.


values of level where color code changes


logical, whether to draw rectangles instead of lines

col, alpha, lty, lwd, border

Graphical parameters for the segment. Defaults to parameter settings for "plot.line" or "plot.polygon" for segments and rectangles respectively. col is overridden by col.regions if level is not null.

col.symbol, alpha.symbol

Graphical parameters for the point if centers are plotted. Defaults to the corresponding parameters for the segment.


vector of colors as in levelplot


height of rectangles (applicable if draw.bands is TRUE

Other arguments, passed on to panel.rect (when draw.bands=TRUE), (otherwise), panel.points (if centers is not NULL), etc. as appropriate.

function used to plot segments when draw.bands is FALSE. The default is to use panel.segments, but panel.arrows is a useful alternative (arguments to can be provided via the argument, see example for segplot).


For prepanel.segplot a list with components xlim and ylim.

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