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Latent Variable Analysis

Fit a variety of latent variable models, including confirmatory factor analysis, structural equation modeling and latent growth curve models.

Functions in lavaan

Name Description
InformativeTesting Testing order/inequality Constrained Hypotheses in SEM
bootstrapLavaan Bootstrapping a Lavaan Model
fitMeasures Fit Measures for a Latent Variable Model
Demo.growth Demo dataset for a illustrating a linear growth model.
FacialBurns Dataset for illustrating the InformativeTesting function.
estfun Extract Empirical Estimating Functions
Demo.twolevel Demo dataset for a illustrating a multilevel CFA.
cfa Fit Confirmatory Factor Analysis Models
HolzingerSwineford1939 Holzinger and Swineford Dataset (9 Variables)
PoliticalDemocracy Industrialization And Political Democracy Dataset
getCov Utility Functions For Covariance Matrices
lavNames lavaan Names
growth Fit Growth Curve Models
lavCor Polychoric, polyserial and Pearson correlations
inspectSampleCov Observed Variable Correlation Matrix from a Model and Data
parTable Parameter Table
lavPredict Predict the values of latent variables (and their indicators).
lavTestWald Wald test
lavTestScore Score test
lavOptions lavaan Options
lavTables lavaan frequency tables
lavResiduals Residuals
lavExport lavaan Export
lavMatrixRepresentation lavaan matrix representation
lav_constraints Utility Functions: Constraints
lavListInspect Inspect or extract information from a lavaanList object
lav_partable lavaan partable functions
model.syntax The Lavaan Model Syntax
lavaan-class Class For Representing A (Fitted) Latent Variable Model
lav_func Utility Functions: Gradient and Jacobian
lavTablesFitCp Pairwise maximum likelihood fit statistics
lavInspect Inspect or extract information from a fitted lavaan object
lavTestLRT LRT test
lavaanList-class Class For Representing A List of (Fitted) Latent Variable Models
standardizedSolution Standardized Solution
parameterEstimates Parameter Estimates
InformativeTesting methods Methods for output InformativeTesting()
lavaanList Fit List of Latent Variable Models
varTable Variable Table
lavaan-deprecated Deprecated Functions in the lavaan package
modificationIndices Modification Indices
lavaan Fit a Latent Variable Model
simulateData Simulate Data From a Lavaan Model Syntax
sem Fit Structural Equation Models
lav_matrix Utility Functions: Matrices and Vectors
mplus2lavaan mplus to lavaan converter
lav_model lavaan model functions
mplus2lavaan.modelSyntax Convert Mplus model syntax to lavaan
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License GPL (>= 2)
LazyData yes
ByteCompile true
NeedsCompilation no
Packaged 2020-05-13 15:21:43 UTC; yves
Repository CRAN
Date/Publication 2020-05-13 16:40:02 UTC

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