Interpolate values into an expression.

This is useful if you want to build an expression up from a mixture of constants and variables.

interp(`_obj`, ..., .values)
An object to modify: can be a call, name, formula, lazy, or a string.
..., .values
Either individual name-value pairs, or a list (or environment) of values.
  • interp
library(lazyeval) # Interp works with formulas, lazy objects, quoted calls and strings interp(~ x + y, x = 10) interp(lazy(x + y), x = 10) interp(quote(x + y), x = 10) interp("x + y", x = 10) # Use if you have a character string that gives a # variable name interp(~ mean(var), var ="mpg")) # or supply the quoted name directly interp(~ mean(var), var = quote(mpg)) # Or a function! interp(~ f(a, b), f ="+")) # Remember every action in R is a function call: # # If you've built up a list of values through some other # mechanism, use .values interp(~ x + y, .values = list(x = 10)) # You can also interpolate variables defined in the current # environment, but this is a little risky. y <- 10 interp(~ x + y, .values = environment())
Documentation reproduced from package lazyeval, version 0.2.0, License: GPL-3

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