An S4 class to represent the data read in a .las or .laz file

A LAS object contains the data and the header read in a .las file and additional values computed on the fly during loading.


A LAS object contains a data.table in the slot @data with the data read from a .las file and other information computed during data loading. The fields read from the las file are named:

  • X Y Z

  • Intensity

  • ReturnNumber

  • NumberOfReturns

  • ScanDirectionFlag

  • EdgeOfFlightline

  • Classification

  • ScanAngle

  • UserData

  • PointSourceID

3 other fields can be computed is desired: slot @data:

  • pulseID: a unique identifying number for each pulse so the beam origin of each point is known (see laspulse)

  • flightlineID: a unique identifying number for the flightline so the flightline origin of each point is known (see lasflightline)

  • color: the hexadecimal name of the color of the point if R, G and B fields exist (see lascolor)

A LAS object also contains a slot @header which contains the header of the .las file. See the ASPRS documentation for the LAS file format for more information.



data.table. a table representing the LAS data


list. A list of information contained in the las file header.

See Also


  • LAS-class
Documentation reproduced from package lidR, version 1.0.2, License: GPL-3

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